Fires and Lanterns

The Black Honda Motorcycle stopped in front of a lone beach. Rhia went down and took off her helmet before helping Artemis get down. Rhia held Artemis’s hand and guided her towards a far side of the beach.

“Where are we going Rhia?”

Rhia just smiled at Artemis and continued to lead her towards the far side of the beach. Artemis could see some light coming from the site where they were heading. She gasped when they got closer and she realized what those where.

They were lanterns.

Maybe a hundred of them.

And in the middle of those lanterns is a table with two seats. On top of the table is a flower arrangement composed of sweet-peas and some other flowers.

Suddenly a soft music played from somewhere.

Rhia let go of Artemis’s hand and walked towards the table to retrieve a box.

She then kneeled in front of the surprised Artemis and opened the box.

Inside it was a ring.

“My angel, months’s ago, I was Kwon Rhia, a spoiled brat who’s going to be the heir of a big empire, the Kwon Enterprise. A stubborn girl who doesn’t care about anyone else aside from herself.  Now, I kneel before you, not as the spoiled brat nor the stubborn girl but as Kwon Rhia, a simple girl who’s hopelessly in love with you.”

“Look at the lanterns around us. They are mere papers but they glow in beauty because of the fire inside them. I am like that Artemis. I am a mere paper, frail and thin, but I glow because of the fire of love that I have for you. You keep me alive Artemis.”

Rhia took the ring from the case and offered it to Artemis.

“Will you be mine… forever?”

Artemis, who was in verge of crying, gave Rhia a slight nod and a small smile.

Rhia grinned and inserted the ring on Artemis’s finger before standing up and twirling the latter around.

“I love you Jung Artemis!” She repeated over and over again as the two twirled around.

Rhia then slowly stopped and cupped Artemis’s cheeks. She stared deep into the latter’s eyes before uttering a soft “I love you” and sealing the moment with a kiss.

The End

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