Words Spoken from the Heart

Artemis sat on the stool in front of the counter. The café was already closed and Sooyoung was just doing some final checking procedures. Artemis glanced outside the café, hoping to see Rhia’s Black Lamborghini. She stared for a few moments before finally accepting the fact that no car was parked outside.

She sighed.

She’s late today.

She then turned her attention to the Alocasia that Rhia gave her, earlier that morning. She took the flower from the vase and smelled its sweet fragrance.

She smiled.

She closed her eyes and imagined Rhia’s surprise visit that morning. She remembered her girlfriend’s sweet hug, and kiwi like smell. She remembered the feeling of security that envelops her whenever Rhia hugs her.

Kwon Rhia is the only child of Dong Min Kwon and the sole heir of the Kwon Empire. She is currently the president of one of the empire’s businesses, the Applekorea, the biggest flower shop in the whole Korean peninsula.

Jung Artemis on the other hand is a simple girl who used to manage her family’s small restaurant before her father, the chef of the restaurant, died. Upon her father’s death, the burden of providing for her family fell onto her shoulders. They sold the whole restaurant and Artemis searched for a job to provide for her mother and younger sister. She became a waitress on the Urban Café one of the business branches of the Kwon Empire.

A few months after her father’s death, Artemis and her long time boyfriend Jaejoong broke up. In that devastating state, she decided to wander around and found Applekorea. She entered the shop, thinking of buying a flower that would momentarily sooth her. She was standing at the corner of the shop, smelling some sweet-peas when Rhia, who was doing her annual rounds, arrived. She noticed a girl, who has her eyes closed, and was smelling some flowers at the corner of the shop. Rhia shushed the workers who were going to greet her and immediately went beside the girl.

The auburn-haired girl has her eyes open now and was staring at the flower arrangements.

Rhia stood beside her and smiled.

“They are beautiful, aren’t they?”

The auburn-haired girl ignored her and went back to the lone vine of sweet-peas.

She closed her eyes and smiled.

“Yes, they are beautiful. But for me, the most beautiful flowers are those whose fragrance tells you how magnificent they are, though your eyes are closed. Their fragrance paints a picture, more wonderful than what your eyes could see. And paints it in a way, which makes it linger longer in your memory more than any colorful flower.”

The auburn-haired girl then opened her eyes and smiled at Rhia before putting the flower down and walking towards the door.

Rhia was so smitten by the girl, who was nobody else but Jung Artemis that she vowed to find her. She did find her after a few weeks, working on one of her family’s businesses, the Urban Café. From then on, she would make frequent visits at the café until one day, she finally succeeded in wooing Artemis. It has been seven months since that day and until now, the couple where happy being in each other’s arms.

Artemis smiled at the memory as she continued to smell the flower. Suddenly, a tap on her shoulder made her look up. She saw a smiling Sooyoung pointing to the glass door.

“She’s here already.”

Artemis turned her head towards the door and saw Rhia jumping down her Black Honda Motorcycle. She smiled and stood up. Rhia pushed the two glass door and walked fast towards Artemis. She enveloped her girlfriend in a hug, upon reaching her.

“I missed you so much my angel.”

Rhia tightened her hug and kissed Artemis on the forehead.

“I missed you too Seobang.”

Artemis loosened the hug and gave Rhia a peck on the lips.

“Aish… These two.”

Sooyoung just shook her head, smiling at the sight in front of her.

“Yah! You two! Go on your date already so I can close the shop and fetch my Sunny-Bunny before she gets angry at me!” Sooyoung pulled the two outside.

“Yah!” Rhia pouted and stuck her tongue out at Sooyoung while her wife just chuckled.

“I hope Sunny gets angry at you, you party pooper!” Rhia shouted at Sooyoung as the latter ensured that the door was locked.

“And I’m hoping a good night for the two of you.” Sooyoung turned around and grinned at the two before waving a good bye to them while running.

Rhia smiled at Sooyoung and waved her hand before her friend disappeared. She then looked at Artemis who was still hugging her.

“Let’s go now?”

Artemis just smiled and nodded before walking towards Rhia’s Honda Motorcycle. She gave Artemis a helmet before getting another one for herself and wearing it.

Rhia sat on her motorcycle before helping Artemis sit behind her. She guided the latter’s hand into hugging her waist.

“Hug me tight my angel ok?”

Artemis leaned forwards and hugged her tighter in response.

The End

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