Hearts Entwined

A love story. Mushy sometimes and sad most of the times.

A tall and slightly tanned woman with long black hair, tip toed behind a slightly shorter auburn-haired girl who’s busy wiping the table. The latter was so busy with what she’s doing that she didn’t notice the former girl who’s now standing behind her. The tall girl smiled at the auburn-haired girl’s concentration. She then slowly snaked her hands around the busy girl’s waist causing the latter to let out a small shriek.


The tall girl shushed her and placed her head on the crook of the shorter girl’s neck.

“Rhia!” The shorter girl shouted, her voice a mix of amusement and irritation. She was going to slap the arm around her when she noticed the flowers securely held by the hand.

The taller girl just chuckled at her girlfriend’s voice. She then loosened her hug and stood up straight while peering at her girlfriend’s reaction.

“A beautiful and fragrant flower for such a splendid maiden like you…”

The shorter girl slowly took the flower and faced the taller girl, with a smile on her lips.

“That’s an Alocasia, a fragrant flower that grows only in a tropical climate.” The taller girl explained, her hands now on the shorter girl’s waist.

“Hmmm….” The shorter girl smelled the flowers and smiled. “It is fragrant.”

The taller girl’s smile widened as she enveloped her girlfriend in a hug.

“Do you like it Artemis?”

“Yes. I love it. But Rhia…”

Artemis slowly freed herself from Rhia’s hug and stood a distance away from the latter.

“What are you doing here early in the morning? We aren’t even open yet?”

She gestured at the empty café with a questioning look.

Rhia, looking dejected, pouted at her girlfriend.

“Why? Am I not allowed to see my wife in the morning?”

Artemis just chuckled at Rhia’s adorable side as she continued to smell the fragrant flower that the latter gave her.

“It’s not that Rhia, but don’t you have work today?” She turned around and walked towards the counter where she placed the piece of cloth that she used to wipe the table. Rhia, who was still pouting, followed her.

“Yes I do. But then, Yoona can take care of the office while I’m away.”

A girl at the counter just stared at them while Artemis was busy placing the Alocasia in a vase with water.

Artemis, finished with what she’s doing, turned around and faced Rhia with a stern expression.

“Yes, Yoona can take care of things while you’re away. But wouldn’t it be a better example if you yourself would arrive early in the office?”

Rhia puffed her cheeks at what her girlfriend said.

“I guess you’re right. But I just got so excited when that flower arrived that I immediately went here to give it to you.”

Artemis’s expression softened upon hearing what Rhia said. She then gave the latter a small smile and a swift peck on the right cheek before hugging her.

“Thank you Rhia. I appreciate it.” Artemis loosened the hug and stared at Rhia’s soft eyes.

Rhia smiled at Artemis and cupped her cheeks.

“I love you my angel…”

“I love you too my Kwon Seobang…”

The two stared deep in each other’s eyes.


A loud fake cough made the two turn their heads to the counter.

Sooyoung was standing behind it, staring at them disapprovingly.

“Isn’t it too early for such mushy lines?” Sooyoung said with a raised eyebrow.

Rhia stuck her tongue out at Sooyoung while Artemis just giggled.

“You’re just jealous! Get a love life Sooyoungie! So you won’t bother me and my wife.”

Sooyoung gagged jokingly and went out of the counter to physically separate the two.

“For your information, I already have my Sunny-bunny but we don’t do such mushy lines early in the morning.”

Sooyoung stuck her tongue out at Rhia as she pulled Artemis and gestured the latter to flip the sign of the café.


Artemis walked towards the glass door, still giggling while Rhia, who was now pouting, was left in front of Sooyoung.

“Rhia, we have to start work already. Unlike you, we are not the owner of the largest flower shop in Korea so we cannot afford to be late for work.”

“I was just visiting my wife!” Rhia retorted at Sooyoung’s statement.

“Yah yah yah… I know how you love your wife and all. But we really have to open the shop now. Ok?” Sooyoung waved her hand, dismissing Rhia, and then walked behind the counter. She then smiled apologetically at the now murmuring Rhia.

“You can visit your wife later, Yul. Right now, we don’t want to be on the wrong side and give your family a chance to find fault in us. You do understand Yul, right?”

Rhia then lifted her head and slowly nodded at Sooyoung. She walked towards her wife, hugged her and gave her a small peck on the lips before walking towards the glass door.

Before fully closing the door, she turned towards Sooyoung and Artemis, who was now beside the counter. She raised her fist in the air and gave them a huge smile.

“Hwaiting my angel! Hwaiting Sooyoungie!”

She then closed the door and rushed towards her Black Lamborghini, parked outside.

Artemis then turned towards the girl on the counter and gave her a sweet smile.

“Thank you Sooyoungie.”

The latter just shrugged her shoulder and continued fixing something behind the counter.

“No problem Artemis.”

She looked at the couple who just entered the café before giving Sica a smile.

“Let’s get to work.”

The End

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