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«Ares and I had been frequenting each other for a while, now… and he asked for my hand! I accepted. He and I are now bethrowed! » Athena squealed. Nine-Seven-One wondered if she had been like this when she fought for her life in the Tournament, beating other people to death. 

The Rodent finished his meal and went to put the bowl back on the conveyor belt next to the automatic washing machine. 

«Which is why I am happy to announce he and I will be hosting the Tournament together this next month! » she exclaimed. 

That was new. Usually only one Deity hosted the Tournament. The Crown was getting original. Strange.  

Nine-Seven-One left the cafeteria and headed to work without delay. Standing idle wasn’t acceptable. He worked, like most Rodent, in production. Clothes, accessories, objects. Anything the Crown ordered them to do, really. Social interaction wasn’t something that could really be found amongst the Rodent. Yet, Nine-Seven-One sometimes broke the rule after he finished working next to his twin sister. He had been lucky. Most siblings were distributed in different work areas and different households. Yet a member of the Court had taken a liking to their mother and answered her final wish: keeping her two children together. 

Nine-Seven-One installed himself on his assigned seat and started working. Nine-Seven-Two sat next to him a few seconds later and started working as well. Her seat turned red. 

«Two seconds later than usual, Nine-Seven-Two. You should work on improving your habits » a voice spoke from a microphone on the seat. Nine-Seven-One smiled at her encouragingly, and his sister nodded back before focusing on her work once again. At the end of her shift a comment was done on Nine-Seven-Two’s production speed, noting that it seemed to have improved. As they started walking out of the facility, Nine-Seven-Two talked softly to his brother about this morning’s announce. She stayed silent for a few seconds and Nine-Seven-One knew what she was about to say.

The End

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