Fragarach, page twoMature

«Four years since I was at your place, my brothers and sisters. It feels like only yesterday, time passes so quickly now! » she began to tell the tale of her life amongst the Rodent and how the Tournament changed everything. «I eat whatever I want whenever I want, I can stay out all night if I wanted to and listen to music, watch movies… don’t even get me started on the monthly massages… » she enumerated before explaining what she had been talking about.

Nine-Seven-One reached the distributor and stated his name, stepped on the weighting machine, extending his hand into the hole. He felt the familiar sting while the machine analysed his weight and shape.

«Do you intend to join the Tournament? » the machine asked.

«No » Nine-Seven-One replied. A regular bowl of food slid from a hold in the machine and he took it. He remembered Athena talking about chicken, vegetables and beef. Was it what he ate twice a day? He couldn’t know. Everyone called it food, simply. He sat down on the nearest seat available and started eating at a regular pace. Some tried to rush their dinner and get additional mentions on their files, but only ended up sick afterwards because of it.

«I have good news for you. I’ve been keeping it secret for a while, but now it’s time to reveal it and I’m super excited to reveal it to you now… » Athena marked a dramatic pause. Nine-One-Seven warily guessed it was something dramatic and significant, enough to distract the desperate minds of Rodents with gossip. Nine-Seven-One noticed they always put one of those before and after the Tournament. Last time Kratos had revealed he suspected something was going on between Athena and Ares. If they followed the script, she would have to get engaged, then married. Then would come news of pregnancy. 

The End

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