Something UnrealMature


It happened faster than a blink of an eye. One moment we're sitting at the intersection, laughing and joking- waiting for the light to turn green- and the next- what is next? I wipe away the tears trying to clear my vision, only to pull my hand back and see the red staining my fingers. Am I dead?  I don't feel dead- just disorientented-  like you would on a boat, or when you spin around in circles alot.  You can't catch your footing, you don't know which is up or down, left or right, right or wrong.  Shouldn't you be able to feel the pain? Would you want to?  Probably not.

Everything is chaos around me. Lights are flashing, people are screaming, fire is burning- but its like everything is in slow motion, in mind and in body. Moving around, trying to get out of the car, I can feel something digging into my shoulder. I'm still wearing my seat belt. Strapped into my seat, back behind the drivers. I look around, and my best friend Livia is also still in the car. Blood gushes down the side of her temple and  her head hangs limply on her chest, unmoving.

"Livia," my voice doesn't sound like my own, it sounds  weak and it shakes in fear- I reach out to shake her, "Livia!! Please wake up. Please," I plead.  

She just sits there. She doesn't wake up.  She doesn't move. I shake her again. Nothing.

"We've got a live one over here!" the voice that rings out is strong and demanding- one that knew what he was doing. A light shone onto me through where the glass window used to be, "She has extensive injuries-I need someone over here so I can begin to extract her from the car -" then to me- "you stay with me alright. You got a name?"

Do I dare to look away from Livia? I don't want to- but I would do anything, if it meant she would live. I roll my head towards the window, towards the light, "Livia," I mumble, "save Livia, she needs you."

"What was that? Your name is Livia? We're gonna get you out of there, sweetheart, okay? Everything is going to be just fine, we're gonna get you out of there."

"No. no!! Save Livia. Save Livia!!" I cry, weakly, "Please don't let her die on me, please."

Just then a firefighter comes up and starts to remove the door so the EMT can get to me.  It seems like no time at all, until the man is back in front of my face.

"Honey, what's your name, I need to know your name."

"Carmen," I mumble, feeling a dull throb beginning to work its way throughout my body as the EMT guy begins to lift me out of the car, "Its Carmen."

"Okay, Carmen we'r-" Suddenly his voice cuts off and then starts back up again-"Carmen, Carmen!! You stay with me, Carmen," His voice stays in control, but his hands begin to flutter about, checking my vitals. He is starting to fade fast, like when a light gets turned down low- only the world is my light. And the last thing I see before the world goes black, is the flashing lights falling across the EMT's face. 

The End

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