Fractured Souls

I could hear the raindrops hitting the window pane from the hard, uncomfortable chair in which I was reluctantly sat. The thunder was rumbling rather loudly, but you couldn't hear it that much over the rain. Another thing I could hear was the incredibly monotonous drone of my teachers' voice, who I'm sure had been speaking for centuries. Oh, the joys of first period history.

I was kind of slumped over with my head lolling to the side, eyes half shut, not really paying any attention. I mean, history was pretty interesting I suppose, but it was hard to appreciate it when the sound of your teachers' voice made you want to shoot yourself in the face. 

I observed the class, and it seemed as if the exact same thoughts were going through every one of their minds. I could feel my eyelids drooping, and I let myself go as I fell into a daydream. I wasn't really dreaming, as such, just thinking in oblivion. It was like this giant tree of thoughts was growing in my head - each thought was a branch, growing longer, until a different thought sprung off of it, and started growing a different branch entirely. A lot of things in my head were happening simultaneously, so I was finding it difficult to keep track.

"Mister Lee," I heard, from somewhere miles away in the distance. Somewhere miles away, that was slowly drawing closer and closer, coming into my classroom. Something miles away that was standing right next to my desk. 

I shook my head and my mind tree shrunk.

I frowned.

"Yes - sorry - um. Yes?" 

I lifted my eyes to see a man that was vaguely familiar; he had warm eyes with little wrinkles all around them, thin lips and wispy hair. I couldn't quite remember which part of the school he worked in, though. 

"I think you'd better come with me, son. It's very important - bring your things." He must have seen my expression, because he quickly added in a quieter voice, "don't worry - you're not in trouble." He smiled feebly and walked back over to the doorway, pausing to whisper something to Mr Hemming. I was very confused, embarrassed, and nervous.

Everyone was staring at me as I neatly put my things away and I could feel my heart begin to race.

I walked over to the door, bag on back, coat in hand, and kind of gazed around awkwardly.

The man put his hand on my back and smiled. 

"Come on then. Let's go to my office." 

The End

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