Two worlds, two people, two futures- both intertwined in a single moment. Now Carla and Jason are both stuck in the spiritual world and if they plan on getting out, they have to work together- including spilling a few dark secrets of their tangled past together and come to grips with each others mistakes.


Dispatcher: Nine-one-one, what is your emergency?

Caller: We need the paramedics now!

Dispatcher: Ok, can you tell me what happened, ma'am?

Caller: [sobs] Uh, theres been a car crash, just off of the Neil road exit. Oh, God- t-theres blood everywhere.

Dispatcher: What is the phone number you're calling from?

Caller: 555-1234

Dispatcher: Tell me exactly what happened.

Caller: I- I don't know, we- we were getting off the freeway, and t-then out of no where a car crashed into the car in front of us at the intersection. 

Dispatcher: Ok, can you tell me how many poeple were injured?

Caller: Oh, I- I don't know. [Brief pause] There were four or five people in t-the c-car in front of us and there were a couple pedestrians, but- but I don't know about the other car.  

Dispatcher: Okay, I'm sending the paramedics now.

Caller: Thank you.

The End

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