FPC11: How Daisy met Leo

Daisy is a character I have that I have used in multiple stories. This is how she met the cat in one of them.

It was a nice day in the park, Daisy thought. Not a perfect day. Not a superb day. Not even an excellent day. Just a nice one. She put her hands in her pockets and tried to blow warm air on her cold nose. Exercise made you feel warm. Could it warm up your nose? She wiggled it. It didn't feel any warmer. The wind blew her hair in her eyes, and she tied the frizzy blond mass with a yellow scrunchie.

She turned to watch people running on the trail. She waited until two of the joggers came closer and held up her right hand.

"Ho there!" The women stared at her, obviously wondering why she was talking to them. They jogged out of sight, their breath steaming the frosty air.

She waited until she saw an old man coming down the track. 

"Ho there!" He smiled at her.

The next man had his headphones in and did not hear her. At least, she thought that was why he hadn't answered.

Daisy was getting cold just standing there, and she turned to leave. She lost her footing and went tumbling down the hill. She rolled, laughing and screaming, until she came to an abrupt stop at the bottom. She got up and felt a sharp stinging. She turned to her elbow. Bright red. Darn.

There was a bathroom near the entrance to the park. She walked slowly up the hill. It was really steep. Maybe it would be easier to crawl. She got on her hands and began clawing her way up the hill. 

She was a spy, trying to stop a secret organization. No, she was a explorer lost in the Siberian tundra. Better yet, she was an alien, trying to help the humans stop a giant asteroid from hitting the Earth...

The biker at the crest of the hill was staring at her. She put her finger to her lips.

"I'm undercover." She got to the top and tried to rub off the dirt, but it was smeared on. Oh well. She could wash it in the washing machine later. She walked past the water fountain, around the swing set, through the gazebo and into the bathroom.

She washed off the blood. She tried to use soap, but it stung too much. She hope that water alone would get rid off all the germs. She walked out of the bathroom. Then she realized that she was hungry. She took a bag of cheese puffs out of her pocket and examined it. The orange puffs were a bit crushed, but they were still edible. She popped a few into her mouth. 

It was then that she noticed the cat. She stopped and stared at it. It stared right back. Daisy continued, eyes watering, until the biting wind forced her eyes shut. 

"You win," she said with a laugh. "They were right about cats and staring contests." Daisy put the cheese puffs down. She walked a bit closer and crouched. The cat took a step back, and she extended her arm, rubbing her fingers together.

"Come on, I won't hurt you." The cat took a step, then another. It sniffed at her hand, and looked up at her, disappointed.

"Sorry, I don't have any food for you here. But I do at home. I could get some there." She stood, took a few steps, and looked back. The cat hadn't moved.

"Come on." The cat ran to catch up, and Daisy tried to think of what story she would tell her parents.

The cheese puffs flew away, forgotten.

The End

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