FPC11 : The Curse

Written at the spur of the moment. It began as a muddle of words, before it became something more significant.
Let me know if you enjoy it :)

It was a sulphurous day in October. Days like this were hard to come by; a sordid reminder of the mortality of men and invincibility of the Gods. I stood by the altar, watching the knife raised high. The stars had set and the yellow sun was up. I could sense the stillness in the air; the anticipation to the prelude to a new beginning.

This is the day it shall all end, and a new era shall begin.

The knife came down, a swift arc, soundless through the thick air. The sacrifice on the altar bled; oozing red. I watched the drops of blood as they dripped on his toes, and I smiled.

The Gods will be proud of me. I am the final messiah. Sacrifice. Please the Gods.

I looked up at the light streaming through the window. Streaming yellow on my face, it was the warmth of Ra itself. I looked up at the priest and we shared the smile. I watched the drops of blood from the chest drip onto the floor. I watched them coalesce into globules of orange, the yellow light mingling with the red; the immortal yellow and the mortal red mixing to create symbolism. Orange - the symbol of gluttony since the beginning of time itself.

It had begun a long time ago. From our faraway lands, we had settled these fertile lands. We ruled the apes and took them to a life of unparalleled prosperity. We gave them technology and in return we got ourselves labour. Under the warm yellow glow of Ra, we whipped them to build our palaces, and forced them to toil until we were as prosperous as we were in our own planet. But we went too far. The pyramids were symbols of our hubris.  Burdened with our technology we saw the land fail. Gaia protested, and we felt the tremors of its angst. We now faced the wrath of the Gods. Plagues ravaged our lives, destroying our world as we knew it. Outside, the apes revolted against us. The waters were red from the violence. The violence we had hoped to escape from a long time ago.

I looked outside the windows and watched the last of my bastard children playing outside; my cloned offspring. They would never learn of their past. They would grow oblivious to it, only a faint memory hidden in their genes of who they really were. And they would never hear the tale of how an entire generation sacrificed themselves and all they knew to appease the Gods, to save the rest of life. We were the curse that had to be lifted.

I looked at the door, at the mummified bodies of my brothers. Soon to be locked in pyramids for the rest of eternity, we were the sacrifice to the Gods. I felt my body crumble under me. Up above, I could hear the rumble of the empty skies. Through the window I watched the sun set, orange. The light shone upon my face.

I let out a gentle purr as I collapsed to a deep sleep.

The End

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