Fun At The Night Club


i tried to read a book,played Mancala with Wolferine.....EVERYTHING!!!

Sigh...then i got an idea. 

"LIGHTBULB!"  I said in front of Wolverine.

"What?!" Wolverine said excitedly.

"Let's Go To The Night Club!"

"Hey wait for me!"

When we were at The Town Center,millions of penguins invaded the scene. 

"excuse us,excuse us." I said as i shoved off the penguins. 

After 10 minutes,we finally reached the doors of the Night Club. As we entered,we danced to the colorful dance floor.....practiced our DJ Skills,won the epic Dance Contest....Lots of stuff to do! We also played arcade games and kicked back upstairs. I almost NEVER WANNA LEAVE. But we usually go home,of course. 

For now.....This is the most epic day EVAH. 

The End

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