Start Of My Day: Coffee

Foxy's Point Of View

Me and Wolferine (My sister) went out to get coffee. But we suddenly go lost. Until a Tour Guide showed up and helped us around. Hmm....They also gave us a map. I immediately opened the map after the Tour Guide left. It was just 5 steps away in the Town Center! Silly Us. Then we enjoyed by lounging out at the couches and ordering some nice drinks. Then we headed up to the Book Room. Where we could enjoy a silent time. Reading Books,talking to people,and playing games like Mancala.

Mancala is complicated for me to master. Wolferine always ends up winning. Even though i read the instructions at the wall....I still don't get it! maybe i need to play more games. 

After the last sip of our mugs,we payed for the drinks and went back to our Igloo. Boy,we can't wait to tell a Fun Story to our parents! 

The End

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