The Transfer

When Foxy moves to Club Penguin.....Her Whole Life changes.

Foxy was on her laptop when her mom came into her room.

"Sweetie,I have some news for you." Mom said.

"What is it?" Foxy said,puzzled. 

"We are going to move to a new place called Club Penguin. It's gonna be fun!" 

"What?! I don't wanna go!!!" 

"Pack Your Bags,We're leaving tomorrow."


Foxy angrily scampered on her stuff and packed them up in bags and boxes. She locked her room till she stuffed all of her luggage in a corner. After she got ready for bed,she lounged into her bed and...slept. 

The next day,Foxy looked at the time and moaned.She went to get breakfast and then took a nice long shower. She also made a hot cup of tea for her to enjoy while waiting. 

When it's time to go,Foxy said goodbye the lonely way,and then locked the door. 

After for what seemed like 25 hours,they were at Club Penguin,into their igloo. After getting everything ready. Foxy finally stepped out of the beautiful rainbow car she rode in the trip. Foxy dazzled her eyes at the New World....

maybe it isn't so bad after all! 

The End

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