Four Nations Planet

What would you think if you were learning in a human school for five years and then had to study about eleven years worth of the universe's long history in just five years, and go to a school light years away and learn more about your family's history?


My name is Ai. Ai Sparks. I'm fourteen years old. When I was nine. I set my elementary school on fire, the whole school on fire.  I was waiting for my dad to pick me up after school one day, he was running late. I walked back into school to wait for him. I don't know what happened, but all I can remember was feeling hot, not like fever hot. I was felt like I was burning from the inside. I remember opening my eyes a one point. I heard fire sparks and seeing my dad running towards me through the fire without harm.

When I came to, my parents told me what happened. They told me we were royality, that I was a princess. Fire princess of Earth and that I was awaken late. There are three other royal families on Earth. They're not fire. They're water, rock, and air royal families. Kings, Queens, and prinesses and princes of their own element on Earth.

My old elementary school still have no idea how the school was set on fire in the first place. Since then, my parents home schooled me on studying about the universe. Instead of learning about the Earth's history. I've learned that Earth use to be part of the universe's history until the human's wanted to use the powers of the elements for themselves. Like use the people that contain the power of fire, rock, air and water for warfare use. So the humans that were going to use them, were sadly eliminated. Ever since humans have never been allowed to know about the universe system.

The centre of all the galaxies has this control system, a system that cannot be traced by the human's saddle lights. The system sends these updates to devices that are in space ships and space shettles, that are transportation, to let them know that a human made device is nearby and to avoid as much as possible.

The universe's history is way longer then Earth's history. So much more history. Children like me, with powers, have to learn this when we turn four. The human's minds can't hold very much information since the attempt. So the children don't start remember information when they're six, and it's more basic learning compared to what, well what I have to learn. I had to catch up on five years worth of work, and cram in another five years of work before I'm sent to Four Nations School Planet.

The End

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