On Your MindMature

       The car ride to Carlisle's house was silent. They parked in the garage, Carlisle let the ignition run for a couple minutes before turning it off and turning to Haylen.
       "Babe... is something wrong?" he asked her. She shook her head. "you sure?"
       "Yeah im fine" she told him faking a smile, she rested her hand on his leg, "lets just get inside - its getting a bit chilly" she rubbed her shoulders and winked.

        He chuckled then got out the car and rushed to the otherside of the it to open the door for her. He then ushered her towards the front door of the house and let her in.
        He closed the front door behind himself then hugged her from behind. She jumped away from him.
       "urmm im hungry, can we get some food?" she said hurriedly. He looked at her confused.
       "urmm yeah, ok" he said confused taking off his jacket.
Haylen flung herself down on his sofa whilst he moved into the kitchen and began banging the cupboards looking for food.
      "is popcorn alright?" he asked her. She mumbled a yeah but was too busy thinking about earlier to really register what he had said.

      The feeling of Kale's hands as they swept carefully over her body, the gentle nibbling of her mouth as she kissed her neck, Haylens breathing accelerated at that thought like it had done when the whole thing had began to happen.
       The smell of Kale's perfume and hair had smelt so good.

       Carlisle came in with a bowl of popcorn, his shirt now unbottoned having left his tie in the kitchen, and sat himself down next to Haylen.
        He looked at her for a moment. She looked back and knew she wanted something.
       She pulled his shirt so that he was lay ontop of her and began to kiss him passionately, he caressed her hair and obeyed with a light bite to her lip.
       He pulled her up for a second and his hands skimmed her back to undo the zip on the back of her dress. he kissed down her body as he pulled the dress down and flung it on the floor.
       "Wow, you did have something planned" he chuckled between kisses remarking on her underwear.

       Her lace lingerie was a dark chocolate colour, fitting to the curves of her hips. He ran his hands up and down her body. He kissed fiercly this time and he could feel her heart beating energeticly.
       Haylen giggled and unbottoned his shirt. She sat on his lap, her lace brushing against his toned stomach and began to undo his trousers. They both sat in their underwear kissing for a moment. She began to rock slighlty in his lap.
       "Fuck" he whispered "i told you... you broke my penis earlier"  he fought with his boxers to keep it down.
       She laughed but deep down something was different...
       She wanted to do this now, and she loved him but she wanted something else... but what?

       His hands groped at her chest then began to make their way to her back. They moved up her spine to get to her bra strap. She hesitated. She took his hands from her back and put them in her lap. They stopped kissing.
       "What's the matter babe?" he asked confused.
       She looked at him "is it ok if we dont do this now?" she asked.
       He looked at her confused "urr yeah ok" what was wrong with her tonight. Something different perhaps?
       She curled up in his lap whilst he hugged her to his chest. Her mind going over and over the past couple hours.
       He never wanted to make her do anything she didnt want too, so he knew not to chase up why it had stopped, he was understanding and aslong as he had her close he was ok.
       After a couple of minutes Haylens heart beat slowed and so did her breathing, her hot breath on his chest, indicating she must have fallen asleep.
       Carlisle decided to take her up to bed, carrying her bridal style up the stairs, pushing the doors open with his elbows.
       He lay her down in his double bed and climbed in beside her. He pulled the covers over them then rested his arm around her protectively then he slowly fell asleep, feeling her warm body next to him.

       The feel of her skin as it swept over her's, their hot bodies lay together. The urgency of their kisses. The rustling of the sheets as they rolled around in the heat of the moment.

       She awoke sweating. The dream so vivid, hard to believe it was unreal. She looked around her to see she was in Carlisle bedroom, him laying beside her. His mouth open slightly, his hand resting on her stomach. He had always loved to hug her whilst he was asleep, she found him cute especially when he slept.

       She watched him for a few minutes, seeing his chest rise and fall from his breathing. She kissed him on the forehead then lifted his hand delicately and placed it on the bed beside her.

        A repetetive knocking at Kale's door woke up her up. She slung the bedclothes off her and stumbled groggily to the front door.
        "its 3 in the pissing morning! for gods sake! who the hell is i- Haylen?!!"
       Haylen stood in the doorway, wearing nothing on her feet and Carlisles' jacket on.
       "you must be freezing get inside" Kale ushered her through the doorway into the apartment. Haylen stood awkwardly by the tv.

       "What's the matter? what are you doing here?"
        Haylen flung Carlisles jacket off onto the floor, revealing her lacy underwear from earlier. Kale looked at her confused but a glint in her eye showed a different feeling.


        Haylen crossed elegantly over to stand directly infront of Kale and kissed her fiercly on the lips. she draped her arms round Kales shoulders. Kale hesitated confused.
       "i've cant stop thinking about earlier.... take - me - now" Haylen said between kisses.
       Kale smiled but pulled back from Haylen. She gave a questioning look but just replied "OK".
       Kale slowly kissed down Haylens neck, her hands sweeping up and down her back, lighly scratching her nails on Haylens bare skin. Kale moved her hands down to Haylens thighs and picked her up, tying her legs round her waist.
       Haylen giggled and then began purring in Kales ear as she began nibbling lighly at her neck and jaw.
       They moved quickly towards Kales bedroom, Haylen still hanging on her waist, kissing each other.
       "i fucking love it when you purr"

The End

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