Haylen and Carlisle span into a corner. Carlisle plonked himself down on an upholstered seat and Haylen sat on his lap. There were other people on the other chairs, drinking, laughing and having a good time in general.
       Carlisle nuzzled his head into Haylen's neck, breathing in her sweet perfume. He began to kiss lightly beneath her jaw as she purred. They began to kiss passionately when Haylen suddenly cut the kiss short and got off Carlisles lap. She took his hand and lead him outside.
        They began to kiss again, Carlisle pushing her up the brick wall. His hands crept up to her thigh, pulling her dress up as he went towards her pelvis.
        "This bloody dress" he chuckled throatly in between kisses, his hands full of silk.
        Haylen giggled "i havent even had a drink yet" she told him.
        "i shall get you one now my dear" he said rushing inside. He knew she always had a drink before getting 'busy'.
        She stood giggling for a second then took a cigarette out of her bag and lit it.
        After a whileshe felt someone behind her. They came up behind her and nuzzled into her neck. "I thought you were getting drinks?" she asked thinking it was Carlisle.
       They wrapped their arms around her, one hand cupped one of her breasts and the other moved slowly down to her crotch.

      She purred again as they kissed her neck... but something wasn't right.

      The roughness... Carlisle was much rougher, being as bulky as he was, this person was more wiry and delicate.
       The smell... it smelt of peaches - not Carlisle's usual smell of Fierce by Abercrombie. The peaches blended in with a slight smell of mint... this fragrance she recognized but couldnt quite put her finger on it.
       The texture of their clothes... little sharp things were digging into her back where her dress didnt reach where-as it should've felt like a piece of silk was running off her skin.
        The feel of it all... it felt so wrong...
                                                           yet so right...

        Their hand was gathering the silk at the front to reach Haylen's underwear. A voice drifted through the open door over the music. Carlisle's!

        Haylen looked out the corner of her eye towards the door, she couldnt see the person behind her but she could see Carlisle talking to one of his friends with drinks in his hand, gesturing towards the door.
        Haylen gasped - Who the hell was behind her?!
Their short hair brushed against her cheekbone and the smell of mint again wafted towards her nose.
        She pulled away leaving the person hanging there. As she swung around to look at the person, she gasped at the sight of them.
        "wh-what the hell is going on?!"

         They didn't reply. 

         Carlisle walked out the door having finished the conversation with his friend and brought the drinks out.
         "here you go babe, they only had bud light, hope thats ok" he turned to look at the other person that had joined them.

         "oh hey Kale, where's Noel?"

          Kale looked from him to Haylen, embarressment enched on her face.
         "im sorry" she told Haylen then rushed inside.
         "what was that about?" Carlisle asked Haylen. She shook her head.
         "i wana go home - now" she told him. he looked at her oddly.
         "urr ok?" he threw the drinks away and began to walk to the car, Haylen following closely behind him.

         As they walked past the open door to the hall, Haylen looked in and saw Kale dancing with Noel. Kale looked back at her and looked awkward. Haylen stalked off to get in Carlisle's car.

The End

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