The Leaver's DanceMature

     The clicking of heels alerted her mother. She jumped up off the sofa with her camera just as Haylen walked elegantly down the twisted stairs.

     Her long pink dress was held up at the knee so as to not catch when she walked, but the back swung silkly on the backs of her legs. As she walked, her loose ringleted hair, some pinned to her head, others lying  loosly, bobbed and swung as her high heeled diamante shoes touched each step lightly. 
         Her mother gasped and looked up bleary eyed as Haylens father came into the hall from the kitchen.
         "J what are you crying for now?" he chuckled, then he saw Haylen and gasped too. "Van... you look beautiful..." he whispered awestruck. her mum began taking pictures when there was a knock at the door. Kale let herself in.
         "Wow you look good too Kale, lets get a picture of you two together". 
          Kale went and stood next to Haylen and put her arm round her, Haylen did the same, her arm brushing against the beaded bodice of Kales dress, the puffy bottom of the short dress scratching against her hip.
         "Mum we have to goooo" Haylen said trying to drag Kale out the door, after her mum had been taking pictures for ages. Kale kept giggling as Haylen grabbed her purse as she ran out the door and pushed her into the car.
          They waved goodbye as they drove off leaving Haylens mum and dad on the doorstep, tears in their eyes.
        "Hey, was gonna ask earlier... do you wanna stay at mine tonight?" Kale asked whilst she was driving.
         Haylen looked at her "sorry i cant... im staying at Carlisle's... his parents are out of town" she winked and giggled.
         Kale laughed "dont do anything i wouldnt do".
         "soo anything goes basically" Haylen commented
         "cheeky bitch!" Kale laughed playfully hitting her. Kale rubbed her hand on Haylens leg, "you know you do look really beautiful tonight" she told her, her eyes straying to Haylens face then back to the road. Haylen looked at Kales hand and blushed not saying anything.
         They arrived at the dance, but niether of the girls made any moves to get out the car. Kale began to lean over towards Haylen but then decided against it and rushed out.
         Haylen got out casually and a bit confused, but all the confusion dissapeared as soon as she saw Carlisle waiting for her by the entrance to the Dance Hall.
         She rushed into his arms but he held her at arms length with a strange look on his face.
        "wh - what's the matter?" she asked confused.
        He looked at her for another second then replied "i think i just broke my penis" he paused "you look god damn H-O-T".
        Haylen giggled and hugged him, over his shoulder she could already see Noel and Kale slow dancing close together. She sighed and tugged Carlisle's arm into the hall just as I Love College by Asher Roth came on.

        They danced for a while then Noel bumped into Carlisle deliberately and began shaking his butt towards Haylen. she laughed and began to spank him. They all danced together, joking and chatting, saying Hi and goodluck to their other friends that were dancing around them.
        The song changed tempo from a really upbeat bassline to a slow and steady rhythm. Hate This And I'll Love You by Muse played and everyone began to slow dance with their partners.
        Noel offered his hand to Haylen and she took it whilst Carlisle and Kale slowly swayed next to them together laughing about something. Noel twirled Haylen around and hugged her close to him.
       "excited about tomorrow?" he asked her, referring to them moving into the cabin.
      "Yeah" she replied "but i wana get tonight over first... im going to Carlisle's" she winked.
      "Oh Ho Ho, i wouldnt wana be him in the morning" he chuckled.
Haylen nudged him in the ribs, just as Carlisle asked to cut in.
       Noel agreed and added "Mate she has something planned for you tonight..." he winked and made a whipping motion whilst thrusting his hips.
       They laughed and spun away.
       "fool" Haylen giggled.
Carlisle looked at her. "what now?!" she asked seeing the look on his face was the same as earlier.
       "what have you got planned for me?"
       she giggled again and kiss him lightly, "well..." she paused. she looked away and smiled. Carlisle had rested her hand on his chest whilst intwined with his. she began to untangle their hands and ever so slowly, as if her hand was just a breath of wind, ran her hand down his chest towards his trousers and lightly placed them on his crotch. "just a little something" she pressed more firmly on it and bit her lip.

         Carlisle looked at her... the strange look on his face still.

         "I think you just broke my penis again"

The End

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