Four FriendsMature

4 friends are moving up in the world... a new place, new life, a new start but what could happen between them to tear it all down?

     The blonde haired girl strode casually down the school hall, towards the canteen, with her boyfriend. They were walking hand in hand, daydreaming, when suddenly they bumped into their friends.

     "Kale!" the blonde girl jumped at the other girl, hugging her tightly, "we were just coming to meet you and Noel in the canteen" she exclaimed.

     "I - Cant - Breath" Kale gasped, the girl released her grip around Kale and laughed shyly.

     "We were just coming to see you and Carlisle actually" Kale rubbed her ribs and glanced over at the two boys who were stood awkwardly together. The two boys had always been friends but Kale now found it strange that theywere being so hostile towards each other. Only the boys knew what was wrong though... the moment of weakness where they had tried... together.

     "Haylen?" Kale pulled the blonde away, "What's going on with them two?"

     Haylen looked back at the boys who were now following as the girls picked up the walk to the canteen. Carlisle overheard the question and flicked a glance towards Noel and began to blush, the colour reddening under his goatee.

     Haylen swished her long blonde pony tail and looked back round to face Kale, "I have know idea... but then again i don't care!" she giggled, "I just wana talk about the dance tonight... ooh and then the Cabin, this summer is going to be A-maze-ing!" she squealed.

     Kale looked around at the boys who were still avoiding contact, but just decided to forget the conversation and join in with the excited babbling from her friend.




     Today was the groups last day at their High School, they were all going home after lunch to get ready for the Leavers Dance tonight. Then tomorrow, their start to summer, they were all moving into their new cabin that they had all chipped in to buy.




     The friends took their seats around a table, the boys sat quietly one side, while the girls sat the other - gossiping about what they were wearing to the dance. The boys looked at each other.

     "We should really say something to them" Carlisle whispered making sure the girls weren't able to hear.

     "we will man, just not now... we should do it tomorrow... at the cabin - that way, if they decide to kill us, they can bury our bodies in the woods and nobody would be able to find us" Noel replied smirking.

     Carlisle laughed. "Although" he whispered lowly, "it's not like anything really happened... we only like kissed... n stuff" he blinked.

     Noel stared "but you have to admit, im a better kisser than Haylen" his mouth lifted into a smug smile.

     Carlisle hit him on the shoulder hard but playfully, laughing. "Cheeky sod! That's my girlfriend! I love her..." he looked at her, as her midnight blue eyes flashed to his quickly and winked, she then resumed her conversation with Kale talking animatedly. "They suspect somethings wrong with us dude... we should just forget about this - for now. Talk about it tomorrow?"

     Noel nodded "Yeah, but i was still better than her" he winked and then began making kissy faces.

     Calisle once again punched Noel on the arm when suddenly Noel retaliated and put him in a headlock. The tension earlier had all but gone now and the girls had noticed as the boys began playfully fighting. The other people that were arriving in the canteen  laughed and tutted at them. The girls just giggled, when along came a teacher sternly telling them to move along.

     They all picked up their bags and walked outside to the front gates, the boys still shoving each other.

     The girls sat ontop of a couple of stumpy pillars that were set just by the road, Kale lit a cigarette whilst she watched the boys high five and then fix their hair.

     "You want one?" she asked Haylen

     Haylen looked over at her. "No im good thanks" she shook her head.

     "Your loss -" Kale said but was cit off by Noel charging at her and pulling her into his arms.

     Carlisle strode over to Haylen as she jumped off the pillar. He swept her hair off her face and then kissed her passionately. She began to curve into his body and lost all sense of where she was until she heard a loud cough behind her.

     "Ahem! Are we interupting here?"Noel winked.

     "Get a room..." Kale giggled dragging him away.

     "Only if i can watch!" Noel shouted back as Kale shoved him roughly into her car which wasnt parked far from the gate.

     "We have to go now" Kale chuckled, "but yeah we'll see you later, and i'll pick you up at 9 Hay"

     "Kay Hunn" she waved at Kale and Noel as they drove out the gate turning left. Noel blew kisses jokingly and Haylen just managed to catch Kale thumping Noel across the head playfully as they drove off.

     "We had best go too babe" Carlisle brushed his fingers across her cheek.

     "Mmmmmm..." was all she could manage, as she looked deeply into his dark brown eyes.

     He chuckled "C'mon, i'll give you a lift". He pulled her to his car.




    "So why won't you tell or show me what your wearing?" he asked, "it's not like we're getting married ya'know" he chuckled.

     She laughed along, "I dont need to show you... you've already seen it" she winked.

     He looked at  her questioningly.

     "I'm wearing nothing at all!" she giggled loudly "I know how much you like that" she poked her to tongue out at him.

     He tutted, keeping his eyes on the road he put his arm round her neck and playfully ruffled her hair.

     They pulled up infront of her parents house. "Just think, this is one of the last times i'll stay at my mum and dads... i can't wait till we get to the cabin" she whispered as if it were a secret.

     He smiled and kissed the top of her head. "The beginning of a new life... sorta". They sat in silence for a while when Carlisle casually glanced at the clock. "Shit! You've gotta go get ready! We've been sat her for ages"

     Haylen kissed him passionately for a second then left him hanging as she jumped out the car. She ran up to her door and gave him a playfull glare.

     He winked at her cheekily and opened the window of his shiny blue car.

     "If i see you with nothing on at the dance i'll kill you..." he shouted.

He paused

     "By taking you and giving you a hard Fu--"

     "AHEM! I think that will be enough, thank you very much Carlisle!" came a voice from the front door. Haylens mom had heard him shouting and had opened the door. She looked at him sternly whilst ushering Haylen inside. Haylen was laughing her head off at what had just happened whilst Carlisle kooked scared.

     "Urmm Hi Haylens mom" he waved. She nodded back. "Urh i gotta go, i'll see you later Hay" he shouted and drove off.

     "That boy" Haylen heard her mother mumble. Suddenly she shot a glance at Haylen, "Hadn't you better go get ready then?" she huffed.

     Haylen looked at her, "Urh yeah" she ran up to the center of the spiraling staircase.

     "I love you mom"

     Her mom looked up, "huh? oh yeah, love you too honey"

     Haylen then ran upstairs to get ready for the Leavers Dance.

The End

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