Chapter Two

 He slowly walked down the wooden steps into the den. He looked around, smiling.

 It had a water like design- the walls were sky blue, and had wavy lines going along it, creating a sea-like effect. The carpet was a pure, bright blue, and was very soft. The far wall was one big aquarium, filled with all kinds of tropical fish. The light shone on them, and it scattered off of their scales, creating beautiful patterns in the water.

 There was an enormous, professional looking stereo in the corner, that was constantly playing whale sounds, which had a calming effect on Jordan.

 Just on the left of the bottom of the stairs was a simple wooden desk that had a modern looking computer on it. But there was one thing different about that desk. Instead of being a light brown, it was painted a clear blue, and beautiful pictures had been painted onto it.

 Jordan sat down at the desk, and turned the computer on. The screen flashed to life after about a nano-second. He logged on, and gasped at what he saw.


 Jordan! it read, This is an important message! Open the draw that is directly under this computer. It instructed. Jordan did so. Usually, that draw would be empty, and it was...except from a ring. It wasn't just any ring. It was a mood ring. It already had different shades of blue all around it, as if there was a blue liquid inside it. It had a twirly pattern at the front. It was beautiful. Jordan gasped, and looked back up at the screen.

 Put it on. Now! it ordered. He did so. A light filled his body, and he gasped.

The End

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