Four Elemental Hunters

The four elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. All needed for the Earth, but what happens when you take those elements, and put them into four different humans? They become Elemental Hunters.
Jordan, the powers of water, is a calm, handsome, pale sixteen year old.
Alicia, the powers of fire, is an angry, short tempered girl who could have the worst tantrums at anything. Very pretty, and has black hair that turns into a vibrant red at the bottom.
Scott, the powers of earth, is very outdoors

Dear Diary,

 I went to the sea again today. I went alone, because I find that it calms me more than if I go with friends. I just sat down on the wet sand, and let the tide splash over me. It was incredible. I love the water.

 After a while, it started to rain, which normally would've ruined it for other people. Not me, though. It only made it closer to perfection. I laid back, and let my whole body get wet. I could feel the happiness coursing through me; sending shivers of joy through me. I loved it.

 But it started to get dark after a few hours, so I decided to walk back to my house. Luckily for me, I brought a change of clothes.

 I walked slowly home, trying to take every long route that I could find. I wanted to stay in the rain for as long as possible. I finally returned to my house after an hour of walking.

 Today, was a brilliant day.


 Jordan stared at the page, his pen still poised above the paper, as if to keep on writing. But he sighed and got up, dropping the pen on the desk that he was working at. It was a fairly large desk, and it had a laptop, a Radio, a Stereo and a pile of CDs on it. But on the shelves were thousands of pieces of paper, some of them drawings of the sea, and others were stories about water and Posiedon.

 He walked over to the far wall at the back which was coloured a deep, beautiful blue, just like his eyes.

 He bent down, and pulled the corner of the baby-blue carpet up to reveal a rope. He pulled the rope, opening the trapped door that he used to get into his den. It was all blue, of course.

The End

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