Four days at France (Part 1)

It's only sometimes when you think back to those memories in your life. Those precious moments that you once experienced, and those precious moment that time has erased.
It wasn't long ago, perhaps just a few days ago when I remember waking up, excited by something. By an element...maybe of happiness. And then it all just suddenly shot back at me again. All those flashbacks when I was there at the time... they seemed almost unreal, imaginated.
But returning to the subject, I knew that they were real, because it did happen. It did happen when I sat in the car on the way to my school, checking my phone every now and then, waiting for a reply...waiting for something to happen as I stared outside the window. All I could recall in that journey were trees...and more trees as well as that gentle sound of the wind.
Normally, I wouldn't think much of an experience, but somehow, I really wanted to make this something I could remember.Something I can look back at, and laugh at all those childish things that I did. Though it was only four days, was there anything that could be changed?

The End

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