Four days at France

Life in france for four days- experiences I had etc.

It's hard to believe that I was actually there a month ago, because it seems like forever, only seeing as I have no written record of it.A few photos and videos is all I have. But then, I am not complaining- a photo is the best way to hold a memory, to make that memory last forever. That flicker of the camera from the clueless person who holds it, presses it, is really all it takes. There's nothing clearer than that.
It hurts when it seems like someone can't remember a memory you share with them- but who is it to blame then? But that's life- there's some bad memories, some good, some you don't have an opinion of.
I'm saying all of this to you right now, because I have no intention of hurting anyone right now as I write this. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea, and so therefore, I will erase from these events of all the memories I no longer want to remember- those I do not want to keep.

Is that wrong though- Is it wrong to erase something from the past because you didn't want that to happen? Would changing what you had in the past count as lying? Lying to yourself? I would leave you that to think about.
And therefore, I am saying all of this because I will tell you now that there are some things I have not mentionned, and now you know why, please don't ask 'What happened' because I don't want to remember.

The End

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