Momma TMature

"Okay, that one." Bri says discretely pointing in the general direction of the blonde at the bar still being hit on.

"Are you pointing out the blonde who's bored out of her mind or the guy that's going home alone unless he wizens up and invests in someone that might actually be interested." I say.

She laughs again and I find myself smiling. It's hard not to smile when you hear a laugh like that. It's like hearing your favorite song randomly come on the radio at the perfect time.

Bri is a "people watcher" too. She takes a sip out of her beer and glances around; we've turned this into the game.

"Guy at the dart board." I say.

She rolls her eyes. "Too easy. He's slumming it. Going to dive bars is the most exciting thing he does. Normally he's at frat parties or the theme bars with sand on the floor or an '80's night'. He's not here to meet anybody, just building up some sort of internal street cred."

I raise my eyebrows and take a drink. I might've toned it down, but I would've said something similar.

We play a few more rounds and laugh. I keep waiting for her to just leave, but it doesn't happen. So finally when it's my turn to point out someone, I say, "Me."

Her mouth twitches mischievously. "What?"

"You sized me up before you talked to me. So, what did you see?" I shrug.

"Okay." She says and tugs absently at one of her pig tails. "You're antisocial, but most people take that as not liking people. Not the case for you. You're the guy who feels completely at ease sitting in a group conversation and never saying a word. You make the other people feel uncomfortable because they feel they need to include you, that they're making you feel unwelcome, but that's their insecurity. Not yours. You enjoy being on the outside because you're an 'observer' You live vicariously in this world and you're happy with it."

"Hmmm…and you felt you should get to know me because?"

"Because you shouldn't."

"Shouldn't what?"

"Shouldn't be happy with it. Life isn't a team sport that should have benched players. Everyone can play. Everyone should play."

Before I can respond she takes a drink and shakes her head. Her other hand moves to my lips to hush me and I fall silent. Her finger traces my lips gently...I'm better at silent anyway.

"My turn." She says, and she nods her head slightly toward the corner of the bar. "Lady in the back corner."

I laugh. "You must not come here often."

"Hmmm? Why is that?"

"That's Mama T." I say, "She's the dealer. We've never talked, but I know she's over forty and unhappy with her marriage. She wants to think she's hip and young so she just keeps living life on the edge. Dealing drugs at bars mostly. A lot of places have kicked her out, but they don't care here so she sets up shop."

"Mama T, eh?" She says and slides off her seat. She moves smoothly over to the dark corner of the bar and I try not to stare at her hips and ass. It's pretty hard to avoid, but I manage it as she moves into the corner. Mama T is a bit paranoid and staring too long garners provocation. She can be very confrontational.

I sense Bri coming back a minute later and I glance over and meet her eyes. My eye line moves down her curves and I see the small white baggy in her fingers. She twists her hands like a magician with a small 'ta-dah!' motion at the end and the baggy is gone.

I'm not a prude, but I can't help feeling unsettled. Did I just point a drug dealer out to a junky? What am I even doing? A million questions and doubts are spinning in my mind when she arrives back at the table.

She takes one more long drink from her beer and holds out her hand. She smiles and the doubts fall away. I can't seem to care about anything but that smile. I take her hand.

"Time to get off the bench, Eric." She says and pulls me toward the door.

The End

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