Four DaysMature

The story about the gust of wind. Could you change someone's life in just four days?

Life is an endless struggle up a shear cliff. It's difficult and dangerous and death is always there. A moment's carelessness can send you plummeting into the void. Everyone has a different destination. A different peak that they're aspiring to. Few ever make it.

Some of us don't feel the need to move up at all. We cling to the cliff and know that this is comfortable for us. This is a safe place with firm holds and we don't feel the draw of the top. But even for those that aren't moving, life finds a way. It sends a violent gust of wind that pulls you from your comfort and forces you to grip life that much tighter. It's can be scary, but it is also incredibly invigorating. Because the shear cliff face might be life, but it's the gust of wind that is living. That churning in your stomach and the violent beat of your heart. It's incredible.

She taught me that.

She was my gust of wind, and I will never be the same.

I will never forget her for that.

And I will never forgive her for it.

The End

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