Foster Home Freak.

Hi. This is a story I wrote up, just cause I felt like it. I had no idea I was writing it, but it popped in my mind so I wrote it.---Hope you like it---

Hi, I'm Ally Anderson. I live in a foster home, because my parents died when I was seven. Today, I hear we're going to school. TOMARROW. They're making us go because they want us to get a little education before I'm old enough to go to college. "You ready for school tomarrow, Ally? I think we might be in the same classroom!" Kayla Minidad shrieks. She's my friend from foster care. I really don't know why I'm friends with Kayla, except the fact that she's fantastic compared to Elle, the meanest, baddest person I've ever met. When I first came to this foster home, Elle and I were both in first grade, and she always bit the heads off dolls. "Sort of. I'll be nervous at first, of course, but other than that, I am." I tell her, and she sounds like the Tia talks-a-lot doll I got for Christmas at age 5.

The End

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