Chapter Three


After I had scarfed down the rest of my breakfast and downed Kishori's untouched orange juice, I dashed back down to my room to get dressed. Freddie had waved as he left for his own dorms to take off those hideous pyjamas. 

I opened my wardrobe which sat opposite my bed and riffled through the mess which I had never gotten around to sorting out. It was a sea of uniforms, personal clothes and shoes. Carefully extracting a pair of three quarter length trousers and a long sleeved shirt.

The uniform at Fortudio were all the same for the most part; black, skin tight everything. Only the coloured stripe down the side of the pants and torso of the shirt revealed what you were and what class you were in. 

The gifted class, which took me one year, three months to get into, has two colours: Red for the physically gifted students and blue for the students blessed with mental powers. I wore blue and I wore it with pride. 

Nearly a year and a half it took me, and the new guy gets in before he even starts lessons. 

I sighed, rubbing the bridge of my nose between my finger and thumb. I wasn't one to get angry over little things, but if this boy isn't all he's cracked up to be then I am not going to be happy. As the prefect of the gifted class I felt as though it was my duty to prove him to be "worthy" of working next to students like myself, who had trained tirelessly in order to apply for class. 

I yanked on my uniform and dragged my brush through my hair again. A light knock on the door signalled to me Freddie was waiting patiently outside. 

I picked up my bag on the way out, swinging it over my shoulder as I opened the door. I looked up at Freddie with a wry smile, 'it's time to find out if super boy is as amazing as they say he is.'


I sat at the back of the class with Sam as the rest of the class filed into the large, open-space classroom. 

'That's him,' she hissed into my ear, jerking her chin towards the bewildered-looking guy who had just sauntered into the room. His presence caused a wave of hushed whispers to hum through the excited students. But he just looked amused at this, raising his eyebrows like he could hear all the jokes that were being said in quiet voices. 

He stood at the front of the class, wearing an unreadable expression. 

The professor moved next to the boy and slammed a hand down onto his shoulder, 'this is Will Hawtuck. Now I know that there are things you may have heard about him but I am here to tell you straight: he is in this class, not because he deserves to be, but because the situation calls for it. I expect you all to give him your full respect on the matter.' His voice was cold and concise, the way it always was when he was discussing important issues, 'Freddie and Marina, as the prefects of this class, I am assigning him to you.' 

In front of me, Freddie shrugged indifferently. I felt Will's gaze fall on me and I smiled at him, he returned it with a dazzling one. The professor gestured for him to sit at the front of the class. 

I started at the back of his head with pursed lips, and thought up wild fantasies about what on earth his gifts would be. 


The End

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