Chapter One

Fortudio Academy is a school for the gifted, run by the government to train children and young adults to become adequate soldiers.
Will Hawtuck is a late bloomer, but soon learns that his powers are far beyond those of his classmates.


I sat up, feeling a little lost in the mess of blankets that surrounded me. The two other girls I shared my dorm room with, Kishori and Sam, were still fast asleep despite the painfully bright light which poured through the gap in the curtains. 

I glanced over at my clock; it was seven. Lessons at Fortudio started at nine, but  if you wanted to get the bacon in the canteen for breakfast you had to get there as early as you could.

Slipping out from under my duvet, I silently padded towards the bathroom. I don't really know why I bother trying to be quiet anymore. Even if I had stomped and clattered about, the pair of sleeping girls would never stir. 

I hopped into the shower for a brief clean, brushed my teeth and hair before pulling my pyjamas back on. Shutting the door slowly and quietly behind me, I made my way out of the dorms. 

Several of the students around me were already in their school uniforms. But the majority of early birds like myself had taken to parading around the school in their night wear. I, for example, wore a pair of bright pink shorts with a white tank top - both had a pattern of strawberries on. They had been a present from my grandparents for getting into the Gifted Class. My feet had been shoved into the pair of flip-flops I had owned for one too many years, the soles had been squashed under my weight, they were now thin and left my feet vulnerable to sharp objects underfoot. 

I entered the canteen which, despite the lack of students in it, was awfully noisy for this early in the morning. I caught sight of a boy sat at one of the more centred tables, there was a gaggle of giggling third year girls surrounding him. They were the culprits of the loud noise. The group were wearing green stripes, placing them at the low ranking physical powers classes.  

My viewing window of the boy was blocked by the arrival of yet another girl. I shrugged, and headed towards the slowly lengthening queue for food. I managed to snatch up the last bacon butty, I clutched it in my hand proudly as I marched towards the till. 

'On time for the good stuff today, I see.' Freddie, a prefect of the gifted class, commented as I made my way to the window-side table I always sat at with my friends. Freddie was tall, blonde and handsome; the guy at school who had had his name scribbled down on countless notebooks by first-year girls. 

But today, he had broken his cool guy-persona by wearing the stripy blue and white pyjama set he knew everyone hated. He fell into step beside me as we headed towards our friends. 

Kishori and Sam were sat down, their heads in their hands. Opposite them sat Robert and Teddy, who were throwing sugar packets at each other. The two boys looked up and greeted us, while the pair of exhausted girls just grunted to recognise our existence. 

'Why are those two so out of it?' Teddy asked, jerking his head in the direction of Kishori and Sam, who had changed her position to lolling her head over the back of the chair with her mouth wide open. 

'They had been in control class all day. I think Kishori got to the point where she was just spurting water vapour out of her hands instead of ice.' I snorted, biting my breakfast sandwich ravenously. I nodded towards the table surrounded by half the school's female population, 'what's up with that?'

Robert shrugged dismissively, and began shovelling cereal into his mouth. 

'He's new. Came to the school last night, he's in our class.' Freddie said, his eyebrows raised. 

I nearly choked, 'he's in the gifted class on his first day? How is that even possible?' 

Freddie did not have an answer to this, but Kishori did, 'he's got physical and mental powers. I showed him to his dorm room last night.' 

Everyone looked at the table, our jaws slack. 

Who was this guy? 

The End

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