Paradise (Namara)

Namara, a 15 year old girl who's escaped near slavery, has now lived on an abandoned island for 2 years, always in solitude, until a stranger and his crew come along...

My name's Namara, I am fifteen and have my own island. I believe that's what I would say if there was school on my island. I don't technically own it, but I might as well, I'm the only one who knows about it.

         I used to live in a small country far east of the island, I was one of the lucky people chosen to visit Paradise, only certain people get to go, they choose randomly, like a lottery. I was chosen a month after my birthday, oh how lucky I felt! I soon four out after dropping my bag down next to a three bed bunk-bed that had a rag of a blanket, I wasn't going to Paradise. The boat was taking us to a much larger country, Afrite, to be sold as slaves. Only an hour of arriving on the boat they put us to work, sweeping and mopping the deck if you were lucky, I wasn't so lucky, never had been. I got stuck repairing sails, If I didn't climb the 100 foot sail fast enough I'd be whipped on my return, If I messed up even a single stitch I was whipped, I still have some of the scars on my back, legs, and even on the back of my neck. 

          So I jumped. I jumped from the highest sail, they wouldn't treat me like that, then not feed me, they had no right to put me in a small room with 50  other people, men, women, and children alike. I wasn't planning suicide, I brought a piece of wood with me to float on, if I didn't float to land fast enough I'd let go and drown. For a minute or two they tried to look for me, capture me, they soon gave up, one girl was no big deal. After a day and night I reached my island, I named it Paradise, where I thought I'd be going. 

           I eat as much as I like, there's plenty of fruit and berries, and there's too many types of animals to count, I hunt and forage many species never known to man. The island used to be inhabited, there are many tree houses and huts near the bog, and a beautiful palace in the middle of the island. Going around the palace is a river which flows from Mount Heaven, I often climb the mountain to the top in order to add detail to my map. I've lived here for 2 years now, nothing unusual, not even an earthquake, my guess whoever lived here first killed themselves off. How do I suggest this? There's a battlefield to the north of the island, bones still clutching old time machine guns from the twenty-teens. I avoid the field at all costs, dangerous bugs live there, they eat the flesh right off your body, lost a chunk of my arm to one.

The End

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