The House

I open my eyes and am introduced to light. It's morning. I slept through the night. Sitting up I feel thirsty, hungry and in desperate need for a toilet. I walk down the corridor and see some stairs at the end, I run up and look to my right, a bathroom, I run in, and go to the toilet before my bladder explodes. 

I leave the bathroom and examine the area. I'm standing in a corridor. A window to my right overseeing the mountains, a bedroom just ahead of me, and to my left, a gym area. Who would want to live out here? This all seems to strange. 

The bedroom ahead seems so inviting, blue, I like blue. I walk into the room. A double blue bed is at the back of the room, a light on the bedside table has been pushed over, and there are papers lying on the floor everywhere. I pick one up and look at it, letters and numbers all jumbled up. It looks like some kind of code. I put it on the desk in front of me and look into a mirror. 

I am such a mess. My hair is tatty, mud on my face and clothes and I smell. I look around the room again, looks like this person was in a fight, or someone tried to kill someone. Who knows really... 

I look over to the bedside table and see glass on the floor and a picture frame. I walk over and pick it up. A picture has been torn, this person is headless. A female I can tell, skinny body, breasts, standing in this bedroom. 


I'm hungry. There must be food around here. A kitchen would be downstairs, so I head out the room and down the stairs. A room to my left, kitchen. I walk in, and straight to the fridge. Without another thought I open it. Nothing much in here, butter, eggs, ham, and three sandwiches. The sandwiches look appealing, so I take them out of the fridge. I walk over to the tap, take a cup from the side and turn the tap on. Cold water, I turn the tap on and let cold water fall into the cup. After filling the cup I walk over to the table, sit down, and eat and drink. 

The End

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