The Rope Bridge

After I take a step, the whole bridge swings underneath. I breathe in and grip onto the rope handles. 

"Pfooooooooo" I breathe and take another step. It swings again. There's no looking back, the only way is ahead. The snapping and growling below makes me want to sprint across. But if I do that, everything will probably snap below me and I will fall to a vicious death. Not the way I want to go out of this world. 

I want this over and done with. I take another step, it doesn't swing as much this time. It is getting darker, and soon enough it will be pitch black. 

I walk at a steady pace gripping onto the rope. I start to feel safer. The end is nearing. 

I keep my sights on the end. 

I daren't breathe. 

The snapping is becoming louder. 

I have reached the end. 

I take a step and my right foot breaks a plank and goes straight through. 

"Noo!" I scream and grip the rope above me even tighter. I haul myself over and land on my back looking up at the moon. Oh how beautiful. I get up and walk ahead. A path near. I walk around a corner and see my next challenge. A massive stone stairway, at the top, I see a white house. 

"Are you kidding me!" I yell, and my voice echoes off the walls near me. 

The End

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