So near yet so far. Thirst is starting to make me feel ill. But I'm not thinking about it. The mountains are all I can think of. That's there the answers are. But where in the mountains? What's in the mountains? What if there's nothing there? The only way is ahead. Not behind. I glance over my shoulder, I feel like something is following me in the mist. It's unnerving. Very unnerving. My stomach rumbles. I'm hungry. But I'm trying not to think of what I'm feeling. I'm thinking of what's ahead. 

So many questions I have. But no one to ask. I grip my body tighter to try and keep myself warm. I feel temperatures dropping. I'm cold, hungry and thirsty. 

No. I'm not thinking of that. The mountains. I am getting closer. Closer to answers, closer to seeing what is in the mountains. I feel my eyes drooping and my knees are starting to shake. I could collapse at any second, but the only thing keeping me going is hope. 

The End

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