The City

After what feels like hours later we finally reach the city. It's bustling with activity, men, women and children walking around in a rush, some in groups of people, some by themselves. I grab Ami's hand and stop

"What's up?" she asks

"I'm scared" I say

"Fort" she grabs me and looks at me in the eyes. "Cool it, if you act like that people will be suspicious, follow my lead, my uncle lives 3 buildings down this way, I knew that I'd know when I got here, trust me"

"Okay" now I feel better, Ami's always there to make me feel better. She takes my hand and we walk over the road. 

"You okay?"

"I'm fine" I admire the tall glass buildings around us. People are serving hot dogs around and newspapers and all sorts of different things, 

"This way babe" she tugs me towards a building. "These are flats he lives in this one"

"Oh, it looks pretty cool"

"Yeah it does" we walk up to the door, and it opens, a man clean shaven, attractive, big build, wearing a red and white shirt and dark jeans, his face lightens up. 


"Frank!" Ami yelps and hugs him. I've just met her Uncle. 

The End

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