May I be Excused?

After training harder than usual I dashed down the hall to my room to shower and get ready for the day. The water felt cold and refreshing. But the fateful knock on the door told me that my day was just starting. I got dressed quickly and rushed to answer the door. It was Sara with the news that breakfast was in 10 minutes. I was a little sad that I now had to start my day of with Mother and Stephanie. 

I had almost convinced myself that Stephanie was a dream. But I wasn't that lucky. I sat down on my bed thinking, the walls of my room were white as ghost, while the floors were cement squares of grayish white. I had no pictures on the walls and the only other pieces of furniture I had were a small bedside table and a desk, piled with books oh healing. I had "lost" many of them that I just couldn't bear to read. Being a healer was hard, you had to know exact measurements and recipes, the only reason I was one, was because my mother was worried I would get myself killed. 

But anything would be better than a healer, not only did they have the worst and most disgusting job on the planet, they also had no privacy. In the past there had been healers that had fallen into black magic, making it not safe for the Clave they "disappeared" which was just another way of saying they were executed. It had happened 3 times in the Claves past, and their had been a total of little under a hundred executions in the Claves history, that we knew of, some people just "disappeared." 

I took a moment to go down memory lane, after looking at the clock I saw that I had 6 minutes, I tried to remember when me and Stephanie had first met. I flashed back into the moment as easily as turning on a TV screen. I was Inside a strange building, looking around I recognized it as our old house, I looked toward the door as a little girl with long dark brown hair walked in as if she owned the place. She was my age, maybe a little taller, her eyes searched around the room, they were light but oddly harsh for such a young girl. She was trouble.

I remembered how her eyes swept the room, carefully calculating. I was intimidated. but we had become the kind of friends that all little kids were, seemingly unable to judge or criticize each other, or maybe we just didn't feel the need to. I jolted of my thought as I realized my time was up. I walked quickly down the stairs, trying not to make too much noise.

I reached the breakfast hall breathing hard, I felt slightly embarrassed which told me some part of me still wanted approval. I calmed my heart which was racing, I had run to the dining area from the third floor, where my room was. I walked into the long room that had held supper the night before, it was cold and quiet. I looked around noticing their was a fire lit in the fireplace, which meant it was going to be cold today. I turned as mother and Stephanie walked in, neither said anything about my punctuality but I knew they noticed. I wasn't sure how I felt about it. 

"Our house in Ladonya has our own system of servants, but see the catch is," she said as if it were some big secret "Their phantasms." Her eye's glowed with the firelight making them seem beady and cold. I could see in her eyes she thought it was a great feat to bend phantasms to your will. Phantasms are usually moving pictures of light, many believe they are ghosts. Put in the wrong hands phantasms can become dangerous, despite the claims of their safeness, when summoned by a necromancer and mixed with a soul they can become more than just light particles. 

But necromancers have complete control over the soul of the phantasm, meaning the phantasm is bound by the necromancers will. Trapped the soul is what gives the phantasm  physical form. 

The End

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