Dinner, and Desertion

Chapter 3

I walked into our long dining hall, it was lit with small candles, that scattered shadows across the walls. The table was set with three intricate place settings. There were little plates that shimmered in the dim candle light. It would have been pleasant if Sydney wasn't here and if my blonde hair didn't literally glow in the dim room. I sat and waited for Mother and Sydney to appear. Mother was next to be seated, her gown was a deep emerald, it was decorated with small stones sewn into the bodice. Her Hair was charcoal black and silky looking. She sat down in the head chair, never out of character are you? I thought my mind. 

Stephanie walked in with her gown a yellowy gold dress with Diamond like stones on the bodice. Stephanie's dress flowed out and down to her feet. it was made from a silky satin material. I had chosen my dress for it's comfort not style, it was simple, no flashy skirt, it was a simple black with white stones on the bodice that shone simplistically. The skirt was made of simple silk that spread out but not as much as Stephanie's or Mothers. We all stood from our seats as our guest entered and prepared to sit. I sat slowly, making sure not to slip up. My leg still ached from the day before. 

While eating dinner all I could think of was where my memories of my other parent had gone. He couldn't have just disappeared, knowing my mother she probably had all memory of him removed. Maybe she wasn't that heartless. 

I was jerked out of thought when Stephanie said brightly "So I was thinking, what if you both came to visit us in Ladonya. My mother would love to see you both for herself."  My Mother smiled and agreed with her then, if only to be polite, asked "wouldn't that be great Ella?"

I plastered a smile on my face, and replied "Sure." trying to be excited didn't work so well, we all knew I dreaded the idea.  "when were you thinking?" I asked trying to make conversation. 

She beamed as if she'd created some special bond that had made me and her instant friends. It hadn't. Stephanie said "I was thinking on the third week of October." It was august now, but all I knew was whatever the date it would be too soon. 

My mother beamed at the idea, "Oh how wonderful, of course we accept." 

And there goes my vacation time I thought sullenly. oh god, what did I do to deserve this? But as usual it was too late to turn back time and change Mothers mind. It was set. 

After dinner Stephanie almost slobbered while groveling her thanks for the meal. I had to bear it, I could tell the look on my face was one of disgust, but I couldn't help it. I said good night and excused myself as swiftly as I could, without making them suspicious. I made a quick excuse saying that I'd had a long day. 

It was dark by then, saying I'd had a long day wasn't an all out lie either. I was tired and needed to sleep. I slipped out of the lounge area where we had gone to after dining. I was glad to get away from the energy, they belonged here, I didn't. The stairs were taller than I remembered, but it probably only seemed that way because I was exhausted.

When I reached my room I flopped down onto my bed, only to spring up after hearing a small yelp. I looked underneath my bed and saw a riled up Baley. Baley slipped out from under my bed staring at me with her big brown eyes. I felt I would drown in her chocolate filled eyes. I jumped up from my bed and quickly washed and got undressed and ready for bed. 

I sat in bed unable to sleep, I heard Stephanie and my mother speaking in hushed tones. Their voices echoed through the hallways and reached my ears. I heard them talking about the latest politics, and rules that were going to be passed. 

Stephanie's voice cut into my sleep just as I was about to slip away, into a dream. I almost got up to give her a piece of my mind, but then I heard something about my father. Mother never talked about him, I held my breath so I could hear them better. Blood pounded in my ears, finally I had to breath, but I still heard scraps of their conversation.

"I don't know how long....." Mother said sounding thoughtful.

"Well take as long as you want, she is...." Stephanie comforted. 

"....been all these years..." Mother said again.

"Well the decision is up to you, he's powerless in this world anyway." Stephanie stated, not as confidently as she would have hoped. 

Their conversation drifted into travel and how it was going and Ladonya. I turned over and tried to sleep. 

The End

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