Forsaken Blood

Chapter 1

Ten minutes sitting, staring at the page. The small delicate letters swirled and twisted across the page making it hard to read. The room was dark and murky looking, it was hot and muggy. I closed my eyes for a moment as the flashes seared the inside of my eyelids. I felt a burning sensation tearing into my back. The custom was a long lived tradition that had been born over two centuries ago. The knife had been sharp, and the cuts had been clean. I had earned them and now only time would tell if I was chosen.

My platinum hair cascaded down around my shoulders as my eyes searched the surrounding area. The music was loud, and the lights flashed shining on the seething bodies dancing to the beat. After my initiation, I wanted to get out. I had often disappeared off on my own to think. My mind began to wonder as the music blared. For some strange reason this was were I felt safest, in the heart of filth, but thought was not the initial reason for my coming here; I was here to hunt. 

As I focused I felt my eyes shift across the room roaming for the animals I sought after.  I was in one of the filthiest clubs near this part of town, no one came here without something to sell, or buy. A flash of blue silk directed my eyes toward a boy, not much older than me, he had green hair that faded to black near the roots. I observed him for a split second, assessing my advantages, to the outside world he was just another human; to me he was prey. 

I pushed through the crowds of bodies crammed together, packed into a synchronized mass. They blended together in a mix of color and sequins. I was disgusted at a race that had once rivaled my own, and now were swilling their knowledge away with drink. Jolting myself out of thought I remembered why I was here, to kill. I lost sight of him for a moment, and my heart lept but I calmed myself, I had to stay icy for the kill. It would be easy. I wasn't wearing my usual gear but it would do. I slid a knife out of my thigh sheath, it felt cold and balanced in the palm of my hand. After taking another look at the boy I began the hunt. I ducked as he turned and I was sure he saw me. He sped up now at a fast walk for the nearest door. I saw him enter a door marked "utilities". I was at the door. I opened it out into a dark and muggy room that smelled of rats, I saw the boy turn through a hallway lit by a single flickering light. I followed. I smelled a faint hint of burning candles, which would have been odd in any place but here. I advanced gaining on him, finally I saw the hall dead end, and I knew he would have to turn eventually; but so did he. I felt a rush of wind as the boy changed form, the boy had been a phantasm, only an image; you could touch it, see it, but at any moment it would be gone. The race was over, it was either me or him, and I was determined to win this round. 

His eyes had turned a sickly white as they were drained of all color; where his hair used to be the boy grew spikes, long and sharp like razors. His skin turned to a leathery black that was tough as iron. I had underestimated him. In the moment before we sprang to action I thought about what today's ceremony really meant. I felt a sense of anger that had rested in my core for the last 3 years, had it really been worth all that? I had become so lost in thought that I hadn't realized he was ready to spring until he was almost on me.

Seven years of training had paid off. I felt my muscles tense and pull a knife from my waist sheath, I was armed to the teeth tonight. He realized only too late that my blade was out and ready for his hurdling body. The black form twisted to avoid an almost perfect blow. I felt the blood spatter the wall as my blade cut through muscle and flesh. It turned after yowling, a mournful cry that screeched in my ear. My blade slipped and I snatched it back. Wiping it carefully on my wrist, careful not to cut myself, I readied myself for the kill. It was swift and clean, and the monster turned to ash in my palm.

Suddenly I felt the presence of another, not like the one I had just dispatched so neatly, but stronger. I stared into the shadows and saw the yellowed eyes in the dark. My body prepared for another attack, but none came. The eyes receded and I was alone.

The daemon I had dispatched only minutes earlier had vanished into a swirl of ash. I quickly cleaned my blade and walked out to the bar. I had used a fake ID to get in, I looked old enough, but by human law it was illegal. I sat down across the bartender and ordered a drink. It came and felt cool and refreshing. I had expected more of a fight from the daemon boy. Getting back into club mode I flicked my platinum blonde hair and flirted a little. I was bored already. 

On my way home I took a new rout that cut across a small garden and through someones fenced in yard. The people would never notice, but their dog did. It became animated as I sneaked across their lawn jumping over little plastic toys and dodging the playground slide. I caught sight of the large dog too late, it had a sharp snout with dark eyes. I saw something I wasn't sure of, when I turned I felt pain shoot up my leg as I tripped on a plastic dump truck. I scrambled to my feet, but he was already on me. He tore at my legs and arms, ripping at the flesh with unnatural strength. I felt my heart go numb, it was one of them. I flung myself bleeding over the fence, but it had my leg. It began tugging and pulling me back over the edge. My heart sank, all that I had worked for might be over after today. All those years to lose it to a dog. I lashed out with my sarahhe (sara-he) blade, sending the pup squealing. She gingerly lept over the fence landing with a wince of pain. She was on her way.

The End

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