This is an attempt at a new way of living, to see what could happen if people had to start it all over again, but differently...

I would ask that, though you don't have to write sci-fi, everything that you write about things technical must be very plausible if not possible. And I invite technical things and tech talk! Especially if they are imaginative or inventive. Like having one thing and using it in a more useful way or making things out of scratch. It may sound a little confusing right now it will become clear as you read on.

And if the technical aspect isn't your thing, that's fine, without a little adventure, drama, uh, ahem... romance. what would a story be? But this too must be within the plausible. Even a little essence of fantasy would not be refused, though of course not to the point of magic or magical creatures, but it's all right if you have a good imagination.

You will also notice that I have started this in Addventure mode, but really this is a Linear story, the reason I put it in Addventure is because if you wish to take the story in a slightly different direction you are not stuck. So let's keep it mostly third person.

Also, I find Riven (the sequel to Myst) to be of good inspiration, probably Myst too but I can't be sure since I haven't played it.

And last but not least, please put in the maximum amount of branches, but the names of these branches must not be descriptive, since that would force the next person to write things slightly differently then they may have wanted.


Dec 6 1999

After having been attacked by well organized pirates, the cruise ship Florencia, having three hundred and ninety six passengers aboard suffered the loss of three passengers and of all senior crew aboard who had not had the time to send a distress call. The pirates now in control of the cruise ship turned to a new heading with the intent to make use of the ship in some way.

Dec 8 1999

After four days since the ship had been taken over, a small group of fearless passengers and crewmen secretly made plans to take over the ship.

Dec 11 1999

Though having no firearms, the "Freedom Team" as the group of rebel passengers and crew now called themselves, were much more advantaged in number, and surprise being their best ally were able to eliminate more then half of the bandits but suffered heavy losses.

Dec 12 1999

Having stolen some firearms, the Freedom Team had cornered the rest of the pirates in the control room, thus creating a stalemate. The pirates themselves being too far from land to call for what little backup would be available were truly asieged while the escorts were of no use.

Dec 13 1999

After seeing that the ship would not arrive and did not answer calls, search crews were sent in search of the ship according to it's itinerary, but found nothing, so they compensated for deviations, but still found nothing as the ship had headed perpendicularly to it's original route at full speed.

Dec 14 1999

The Freedom Team finally turned the tables by forcing their way and were able to take over control of the bridge. Sadly, the pirates were able to sabotage the radio using a grenade before The Freedom Team could use it.

Dec 14/15 1999

Having eliminated all of the pirates and stolen the weapons and munitions, the Freedom Team boarded the small pirate ships during the night and eliminated the pirates of two ships, but the third exploded where 11 members of the Freedom Team were lost as well as the three pirates aboard.

Dec 15 1999

The cruise ship was stopped, now very low in fuel. After some meetings by the crew and passengers, it was decided that, even though lacking proper navigational understanding they would try to turn and head back to the general direction of the original itinerary closely escorted by the pirate ships now in control of the Freedom Team, in the hope that it would make it easier for rescuers to find them. While the rescuers themselves were perplexed at the sudden disappearance of the ship and the lack of distress calls and lifeboats.

Dec 17 1999

The cruise ship, now running on one engine to save fuel, had  Inadvertently entered a region that had already been searched by the search crews.

Dec 18 1999

An island came within sight of the cruise ship, which itself was running on dregs. Having estimated that they had about a day of fuel, two at most, which would make very short distance on only one engine. The decision was put to vote and it was finally decided that they would drop anchor at this island, at least if search and rescue did not find them, their chances were better with an island, than lost at sea.

The End

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