The last three classes of the day Vanessa thought about John, his face, his smile. How sweet he is and all the things she learned about him this last week. She now knows that he is from London, England. She learned what he liked and what he disliked. She really learned about the boy she now knew that she was in love with. This thought tortured her all day knowing that what she was about to do would be hard. She was going to start a relationship with someone that she could kill with a flick of her wrist. She was going to take precautions to make sure she did not hurt John Anthony Smith, the love of her life. She was positive he was, even with the very short time she had spent with him. She had this thought right as the last bell rang. She got up and walked out the door and into the woods.

            John did almost the exact same thing as Vanessa. He thought about her all day. He was nervous about tonight. He had never been good at stuff like this. He was also nervous for reasons that he did not think about. He would never go if he really thought this through, so he just totally stopped his train of thought and walked out the door and down the street till he was out of sight or so he thought. Vanessa was watching him but she soon left him alone because she had some . . . things to tend to.

            Vanessa was a little ways behind her house hunting little things to makes sure she was prepared. She was running towards a little flock of birds when she hears another sound, a sound like … like she did not want to think about it. She had never run into another of her kind besides the one that made her. The sound was right behind her, coming after her. As soon as she realized this she stopped turned around and was in a hunting crouch within a half a second. Right as she did her perpetrator walked through the bushes. She froze in shock and so did he. It was a face she knew all too well. It was the only face in this world that could have sent a shock down her spine. He was thinking the same thing. He was wondering why he had not noticed it before. One moment they were about to fight to defend themselves, the next they both were looking into the face of the person they both loved. The person they thought they knew so much about. Vanessa and John just stared into each others face not knowing what to say.

            “Hello” John said softly.

            “Hello” Vanessa replied.  They were both speechless. John was embarrassed and so was Vanessa.  “I knew there was something different about you but I could never figure out what it was.”

            “That would explain why you go into the woods so much” John said. He was experiencing so many emotions at once. He was happy because he knows that they can stay together, and that he can’t hurt her. He was also sad that he had not figured it out before. “I think we need to stay here and talk for a while” he said

“No,” Vanessa spoke, “I have a better place to talk. It’s a place that I have taken nobody to till now. Follow me and keep up if you can” Vanessa smiled and bolted out of the clearing and toward her special place. John ran close beside her, hands intertwined with hers.

            They arrived at Vanessa’s special place and they sat down and began to talk. They told each other about their real life.  John told her that he really was from England and that he is 18 and has been for 210 years. Vanessa told him about when she was born in Germany. She told him that she was 17 when she was changed and that she has been this way for 201 years. She told him that he was the first Vampire that she had ever met besides her creator. He had met many and told her about what others were like. They talked about what they had done for the past 200 years.

They talked all night till they knew that they needed to go to school. They ran together, first to her house so she could change, then to his house so he could do the same. They ran to school hand in hand right before they did John leaned in and kissed Vanessa on the lips. She accepted the kiss and kissed him back. They smiled at each other then stepped into view and continued on to class. Vanessa felt better and so did John. They can now spend the rest of their life with the person they love.

Ten years later John and Vanessa are still together. They live back in the woods in a little cottage John built for Vanessa’s birthday 6 years ago. They are happily married and will be for the rest of eternity.  

The End

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