Vanessa jumps out of the tree and starts to chase the white tailed deer down. She catches her prey with a smile on her face but soon it vanishes as the deer begins to look like the many other animals she had drained, still, lifeless, dead. She feels like she is so full she could explode but this helps her concentrate while she is around all the humans. When she is finished it is still not time for her to meet John. His name brings up feelings she has felt before, feelings that lead to a relationship with a human that would never be possible. Even with knowing all this she still can’t change her feelings. She realizes that she really likes this boy named John but does not know what it is about him that is different about others. She runs to her favorite spot to sit and think. A while later she realizes that it is time to meet John. She jumps up and runs to the school. She stops one inch before the parking lot of the school and walks out into view.

John had been watching the spot that she walked into the woods. He sees her walk into view and smiles but does not understand why he is so happy to see her. She walks up to him and says, “Hello how was your lunch?” She smiles kindly and stops right beside him.

He returns the smile and says, “Hi!! My lunch was very good, thanks for asking. How was your lunch?”

“It was very nice”, she smiles to herself knowing that his and her nice are two different things. “Shall we go to class” she asked because she could tell he was becoming distracted by her presence.” She laughed quietly knowing nobody could hear her.

He nods and they head to class. When they turn to go he asks. “Why are you laughing?” This surprises Vanessa she was positive she did not laugh that loud. She just gave him, a simple answer.

“It’s a private joke” she says slyly and gives a smirk to go with it. He just nods and accepts her answer. They continue on to lit. Class. They walk into class together and John goes to talk to the teacher. Vanessa went to sit down. John gets his books and comes and sits down next to Vanessa. This pleases her and she smiles and looks up to the board as class begins.

The class is studying a book that Vanessa really has no interest in. This book is the reason that she can’t do anything that would tip off humans, she leans back in the chair as this thought irritates her and finds that John looks just about as irritated as she feels. This thinks this is weird and stores the information for later. About halfway through the class John asks if he can step outside for some air because he did not feel good. The teacher agreed and asked if someone would go outside with him. Vanessa offered to go and they walked out the door together.

They walk around the corner and out the door. He sits down on a bench that is at the bottom of the stairs under the shade of a tree. Vanessa sits down and quietly asked, “Are you okay? What’s the matter?” She looks at him and he is laughing. She frowns. “What are you laughing at!!!” she almost yells. He looks at her and smiles.

“I am fine.” He manages to get out between chuckles. “I have already read that book many times and I was getting irritated about having to read it again. So I wanted to get out of the class. I was hoping she would send somebody with me and I was hoping that it would be you.”  He smiles at her. Vanessa returns the smile and knows that this is getting dangerous.

“Oh okay” she says while looking down, “what would you like to talk about since we are sitting out here?”

“I would like to talk about you” He said, and started asking questions to find out more about this girl. Vanessa replied and asked questions about him too. This continued for the rest of the week. They talked at lunch and any time they could during the day, Soon they were talking and joking like old friends. In all these conversations Vanessa realized that she was right, this boy was different and she felt like she should know what it was. She felt like it was obvious but she could not put her finger on it.

“Would you like to go out with me tonight?” he asked the week after they first met, which interrupted her train of thought. It took Vanessa a second to get back on the same page as he was.

“I would love to” she felt like her heart was going to jump out of her chest even though she knew that it was as still as a rock. “What would you like to do?”

“I do not know.  I have no idea what people do here. What would you like to do?” John asked with a shy expression on his face.

Vanessa replied, “We could go see a movie.”

“Okay. He said and smiled. “I will meet you at your house and we can walk to the theater together. Is that ok?”

“Yes, I live at 6857 Bear Cross Road. I will see you there at 6:00.” She replied and smiled, knowing that this evening would tell if she could handle a relationship.

“Okay, well I guess we should head to class now” he sighed.

“Yes we probably should” she said. John stood up and offered her his hand to help her up. She took his hand and stood up and then let go of his hand before he could notice that it was colder than an ice cube but it was still long enough for her to realize that his skin temperature was different but she did not know how different it was. A human’s skin temperature was normally warm but she did not know for sure if she was correct. She got up out of the lunch table chair and walked to class with John.

The End

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