Forrbiden Love

I wrote it for a class, Its not that great. lol Its About Vampires. :) Enjoy!!

          Vanessa slowly walks out of the woods into the school parking lot making sure nobody noticed her entrance. She takes one last look at the stillness of the drained bird that lies on the ground in the woods. She sighs but knows she can’t change what she just did and can’t change what she is. This brings back unwanted memories and she shoves them out of her mind. By now she is at the door and she walks into the Spanish class.

            She settles down into her chair to learn things she already knows. She tries to focus to keep the memories away but the lesson does not interest her so her mind starts to wander. Her eyes wander to the boy sitting across the room. Then down to his throat and she stops herself before her thought can go any further. If they do, she knows that her thoughts will get too far. She has to change her thought so she raises her hand to answer the question the teacher is asking.

            Finally, she thinks as the bell for lunch rings. She won’t eat lunch but she still has a chance to go outside to get a good breath untarnished by the scents of all the students. When she steps out the door she nearly runs into a boy. She looks up and realizes she does not recognize him and man would be a better description for him. “Sorry” she says in her high pitched smooth voice.

The boy named John is amazed by her beauty, her long brown hair and her beautiful blue eyes. “No it’s my fault”, he says “I should have been watching where I was going instead of day dreaming.” Then he smiles at her with his lovely and sweet smile.

“I don’t believe I know you” says Vanessa and sweetly returns the smile.

“I am John Smith. I just moved here. What’s your name?” asked John.

“I am Vanessa, and it’s very nice to meet you John Smith.”

“It’s very nice to meet you too. I have a question do you know where,” he pauses for a moment to look at his schedule, “Mrs. Foresters lit. Class is?”

“Yes I do that’s my next class you can walk with me if you would like,” She says sweetly. Then she realizes that he can stay with her throughout the rest of lunch till the next class. She had to take care of some business that he would not want to be there for. Then she adds, “I have to take care off a few things during lunch but I can meet you right here and we can walk together.”

He contemplates this for a moment and says yes. Vanessa says she has to go and they part. Vanessa continues on out the door and John goes onto lunch but not before watching his strange new acquaintance walk away and into the woods. This strikes him as odd but does not question it now. He sits down at an empty table with his lunch. He starts to think about Vanessa and wonders why he was so enchanted by her presence. He realizes, while wondering about this girl he just met, that he should have held the door for her as she left. He thinks this would have impressed her also he was raised a gentlemen. He knows to treat women with respect. He also wonders why she walked into the woods and what she was doing in there.  This brings something to mind but he puts that thought away. This puzzled him and he decided that he wanted to find out more about this girl.


The End

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