Seating PlanMature

I watched with growing boredom as Jeremy teased the demon, Damon or Daniel or something along those lines. All I knew was that normally I'd been tearing him to little bits and pieces and instead I just think Jeremy's being pathetic and childish. I let out a sigh and grab Jeremy's arm, tugging him towards class.

This loser isn't worth it” I say, Jeremy readily agrees, flashing a mean smile towards the demon. I rolled my eyes and continued to move forward. Thankfully it was just me and Maureen first period. Less acting when I'm around her. Unfortunately it was science. Don't take that the wrong way, the whole understanding humans had of the big guys upstairs and downstairs were completely messed up. So their science is actually pretty spot on. But it involved thinking which I wasn't really up for. I spent the whole time flicking my gaze to the cloak, feeling the seconds drain by at an incredibly slow rate. Then finally the bell rang and I breathed a sign of relief. I glanced at my schedule as we left and wondered if the teachers had planned my first day to suck completely. I didn't have a decent lesson till the end of the day. My favourite one actually, art. But for now it was history.

The first thing I noted when I walked in was everyone had theirs backs to the far wall. I joined Jeremy, Maureen close behind. Naomi rushed in with a few late comers and gave the same confused look as she walked over.

What's going on?” I asked, Jeremy shrugged.

They were doing it when I walked in” He replied.

New teacher. Don't you pay attention to the goodbyes at the end of year assembly?” the Daniel guy from earlier said, letting out a small, patronizing laugh. Jeremy's fist instantly shot up and I easily stopped it by grabbing hold of his elbow.

Just wait till end of school, you already have enough marks on your record” I whispered in his ear. He hesitated but lowered his fist, sending a clear warning glare to the guy as he did. Moments later a women with a plain grey skirt and blazer on walked in. She looked like any other history teacher with her glasses and thin mouth.

My name's Mrs Parlak, your history teacher for this year” She introduced herself, writing her name on the board like all teachers do. I felt a finger curl a strand of hair round it, I was growing bored.

Now I know this school doesn't do much in the way of enforces rules” she began, and I heard the demon mutter something that sounded like “no shit” under his breath.

But if any of you have been listening to the news lately. Which I'll be honest and say I doubt judging by your faces” She couldn't have meant mine, because I'd felt my jaw clench and my eyes slant.

“The peace treaty between angels and demons has now been finalized. So in the spirit of encouraging the two races to get on. I'm introducing a seating plan” She finished, picking up a piece of paper I suspected had all our names and weather we were an angel, demons or human. I hoped I got one of the pathetic demon girls, least this class would offer some entertainment. She called names off at random, pointing to the two seater table they'd been assigned. She also mixed humans in there, not that either race had an issue with them to be honest. I'd even let a human girl join our group for a while, but her family moved.

Arabella D'Angelo” I flicked up a hand to indicate who I was and she motioned to a table near the back. I immediately grabbed the seat by the window. I'd need all the distraction I could get. She glanced at the list again as I scanned the demons left. The mute would be fun I guess. There was another girl I didn't really know. Then there was the guy. I better not get him, I had enough to deal with today without him.

Damien Dominguez” She said, pointing to the free chair.

Hell no” I said. I hadn't meant to say them aloud. But now the whole class was looking at me.

You haven't a choice Miss D'Angelo. Damien, please take your seat” She said. I saw the way his own jaw clenched as he took the seat. At least I wouldn't be the only absolutely hating this.

The End

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