Breakfast news.Mature

Breakfast, was meant to be a good time of the day right? Where you wake up, have something to eat and look forward to the coming day. Apparently today it was not meant to be, when my father dropped the huge Angel bomb just as I was to bite into my toast.

“It’s for the greater good” my father said, and snapped me back into the now. “It’s for the greater good” he repeats but a lot quieter this time, Baal my father. He was tall, dark eyed several war wounds scattered over his bare arms showing the sacrifice he has made for us.

I push away my breakfast, suddenly not hungry at all and look up into those dark eyes of his. “Im going to be late” was all I could muster to this news. New school year, same people just a year older, and properly the same people who would give me the same old trouble time and time again.

Slowly I make my way to school, deciding to walk it instead of taking the bus I usually take. Sure would take me a little longer but not like ill be late. Im never late, something my father comments on all the time. An angel, I have to marry a smug, arrogant, pompous, preened little angel. Who thinks she is so much better than me. I give a soft sigh as I turn the corner and come face to face the next part of my day...School.

Slowly and cautiously I enter the front yard of the school, darting my head from side to side being very wary of the crowds. I had avoided the bus, and as a result missed out on what my usual bullies had planned for me on there. There near the entrance was said group of nasty little angels. Silently I curse, why couldn’t they live up to the whole human stereotype of being goodie goodies?

Shoulders and head down I slip into the school dreading what the rest of the day have in mind, it was when I turned the corner of the corridor and found team angel right in front of me. Jeremy with that smug grin, I wish I could wipe that smile of his.

With a shuffle I try to push past them, eager not to do this again so soon in the day. But I quickly find Jeremy at my locker, eager to keep me from it. A few attempts, I slowly get more and more frustrated my fist balling up to hit him when the pale girls near him, who was usually the worse spoke up.  "This loser isn't worth it" she say, before dragging Jeremy off.

Giving  a soft sigh of relief I grab my things from my locker and hurry off to class, eager to be away from the others.

The End

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