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Closed collab between Oggzilla and Cat_Monty :)

Balthial the angel and Baal the demon announced this morning a new addition to the peace treaty between heaven and hell. It has now been decided that Bathial's daughter and Baal's son are engaged and to marry when they both reach the age of twenty-one. Of course we cannot hope to know what they think of this as their identify is hidden for their own protection. Though Balthial and Lucifer have discussed publicly launching the two together. It is believed that by having a union between demons and angels, they will better be able to reach their goal of total peace between the two.

I shallowed a hard lump in my throat and tried to control the shaking of my fists.

I thought you were going to stop this. That it was a last resort!” I yelled, turning to face my father. Balthial was a tall man, easily towering over my short 5'8 frame, like me he had almost near-white blue eyes and blond, messy hair. The only difference was his skin was war-worn and his eyes tired. Even more so as he let a sigh.

It was meant as a last resort. And honestly I didn't expect Baal to agree, god knows he has to much pride for anyone” He murmured, his eyes flicking to me on that last part. I didn't respond to the stab and simply turned, heading for my room. It was the first day of the new school year. Normally I'd be pulling out all the stops. Instead I applied a small amount of make-up, not really caring. I grabbed a simple pair of jeans and a blouse. I brushed my hair and pulled out the curlers hoping to bring some order to it. But I curled once, saw the hair fall unchanged and unplugged them. I didn't have the heart for it anymore. What was the point? Once this was out no one would want to be my friend. I'd be ostracised. And worse.

I'd have to marry a demon. I felt the lump form again and looked at the picture on my bedside table. How could dad do this to me? Didn't he remember how it had been demons that had killed her? I shook my head, checked the curls had completely cooled down and packed my bag. No point in worrying about it for now. It'd be a couple months before they even considered telling the world who I really was. I wondered what date they would set for our meeting. Maybe the cosmos will be a little kind to me and make someone decent. Though that’s probably unlikely with a demon.

Ara!” I turned to see Jeremy walking over. Closely followed by Maureen and Naomi and some other girl who's name I couldn't recall. There was always some new angel trying to join the group. It was when there was a brave demon I really got interested. Nothing was more fun than slowly shredding away at some idiot demon girls insecurities.

Hi” I said, throwing them the best smile I could muster, clearly it was good enough since no one acted any different. Maureen pulled me into a hug immediately. Naomi stood beside us uncomfortably. She'd try to hug me once and I'd told her to go away. Maureen was the only one I'd known since pre-school. She probably knew me better than anyone, but even she didn't know who my real father was.

I missed you” Jeremy said when Maureen moved away. He placed an arm over my head on the locker. I knew he wanted a kiss but I couldn't really muster it.

Missed you too” I said, hugging him and moving away from the lockers. I saw the flicker of disappointment but he'd be over it by lunchtime. I surveyed the corridor, wondering if there was anyone worth picking on, but once again. I felt my heart wasn't in it.

Hey, look who it is” Apparently, Jeremy had no issues as he grinned my way, glancing towards the figure who'd just came round the corner and into the corridor.

The End

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