Mara's POV

Wait. Was that smoke? I breathed in deeply through my nose to get a better smell. Definitely smoke. That could not be a good sign. I burst out of the door and out my room, not noticing Jerome had left. Racing down the stairs, I ran into the kitchen and bumped right into Trudy.

"Oh!" She laughed, and sniffed.

"You smell smoke right?" I asked, and she nodded. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a red orange glow, flickering in the boys hallway. It either started in some mysterious way, or by a Alfie-Jerome prank gone wrong, but either way, it had to be put out.

Suddenly, it grew to about 10x its original size, and the plan was just to get out of there. It was out of control.

"FIRE! EVERYONE GET OUT!" Trudy screamed, and everyone scrambled to the front door, pushing each other in the process to get out safely. As soon as we were all out, we looked up at the house, smoke spreading quickly. Honestly, I was surprised no one smelled it before me. I mean, I was upstairs and the fire was downstairs. Trudy looked worried.

"Is everyone here?" She asked, doing a quick head count.

"Here!" Joy shouted, along with Fabian and Nina.

"Accounted for" Mara shout, and Mick yelled, "Yeah, what she said."

"All good!" Patricia and Alfie yelled.

Victor didn't say anything, he just looked at Trudy. That man is creepy.

Trudy looked like she was going to throw up.

"Where's Jerome?" She asked looking everywhere possible he could be.

No. No no no no no. Not Jerome. Why him? Please let him be okay.


Jerome's POV

I felt hot. Really hot, and I couldn't breathe. Remembering what I was taught in grade school, I got low to the ground and crawled. It was going to be all over. If only I could have been a better person. If only I could have apologized for all the stupid jerkish things I had done. But no, this was my destiny. My birth lead to me being abandoned, which lead to me playing pranks to cover up the real me. That lead to Sibuna, which eventually lead to this. Then, the real me, the real Jerome Clarke did something the fake Jerome Clarke would never do. I started to cry. I fell down, my arms giving out, and then everything went black, forever.


Mara's POV

I couldn't believe it. First my aunt, now Jerome. It just wasn't fair. As tears rolled down my eyes, Amber embraced me in a hug. It was nice, but didn't make me feel any better. Jerome's funeral was in a little, and I didn't know if I could stand the pain and go.

"Mara, I was looking through the rubble and found this, do you know what it is?" Trudy asked, holding an item up. My eyes widened as I realized what it was.

Jerome's gnome.

"Oh, yeah. That's just a personal item of mine" I half lied, taking it. It kind of was, now that Jerome was dead.


Mara's POV

Jerome was lying in a casket, people around him, saying there last good-byes. Tears spilled out of my eyes as I slowly walked up to him.

"I always loved you" I whispered. Then I placed the gnome in his cold hard, so he could have it forever, just like always.

The End

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