La Gavoroche

Joy's POV
I looked at Nina and Fabian's hands quickly and then looked away.
Ugh. I guess I shouldn't have expected him to wait for me this whole time. I mean, we weren't even technically dating yet, just really, really, close to.
"So, dearie, you will be rooming with Nina and Amber, is that ok?" I nodded and smiled, going to walk to the stairs to bring my bags to the room. I tripped from all the bags that I was attempting to carry. God, I was turning into Amber. Sighing, I struggled to get to the top and unpacked my things as quickly as possible. Before I could even zipper my bag open, Patricia had burst into the room, and tackled me.
"!" I chocked out.
"Sorry" She laughed, "I'm just so happy to have you back, I can't believe it!"
I smiled. "I'm happy to see you too."

On Mara and Jerome's Date

Mara's POV
"Where are we going?" I asked excitedly as Jerome held out his hand for me. I took it willingly, forgetting all about Mick. We were over, done, out of the picture. I just didn't know if he figured that out by himself when I accepted the date, or if I was going to have to break it to him.

"I told you, it's a secret. You already know we are going to lunch, you don't need to know where!"

"Ugh" I groaned. Why couldn't I know? At least this was finally happening. I guess I had been fighting my feeling for Jerome this whole time. And Mick, well, he's Mick. He would move on in 2 days and find another girl.

"Taxi!" Jerome whistled and waved his hands. A black cab pulled over to us, and we stepped inside.

"Where are you heading to?" He asked

"Le Gavoroche" Jerome replied. Ah, so that's where we were going. Wait, wasn't that place like really expensive?

The taxi driver nodded and took off, a little to fast in my opinion. It probably should have taken 15 minutes to get to the restaurant, but it took more like 9ish.

Jerome, took my hand and we stepped out. We walked up the steps and opened the door to the restaurant. Oh. My. God.

I thought my eyes were deceiving me for a minute. It looked like one of those fancy restaurants on a cruise ship, times ten. The table's where covered in perfect white cloth, the napkins folded in various animals. The waiters and waitresses were young and good looking. There was a harp playing soft lovely music. When Jerome and I took a seat, some of the food on the menu, I couldn't even pronounce. Wow, just wow.

The End

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