All eyes were at Mara, staring her down, except for Alfie, who was stuffing food down his throat, paying no attention what-so-ever as to what was going on.

"Yes?" She answered uneasily, and flinched when Mick got up from his seat. He began to leave the room, but Mara followed him

"Look, Mick. I-I'm sorry, this wasn't working out anyway." He turned around.

"So you're saying you were going to break up with me?"

"No..uh..I..I" Mara shut her mouth. She was just going to make matters worse.

"Whatever, Mara" Mick stormed off and out the door, leaving Mara speechless and confused. Did she really make the right decision? Or should she have said no? She sighed. Why couldn't the drama in life be back to when someone stole your crayon?

The sound of the doorbell echoed throughout the house.

"I'll get it!" Trudy yelled, and walk-skipped to the door. When she opened it a girl with brown hair and brown eyes stood in front of her.

"JOY!" She screamed, and the sounds of footsteps were instantly heard scurrying towards the door. As soon as Joy saw Patricia, and Patricia saw Joy, they ran to each other and practically strangled themselves in their hug. Joy said hi to everyone and then walked over to Nina and Fabian. She hugged him awkwardly and turned to Nina.

"Hi, it's so nice to finally meet you in person" She said happily, and they hugged.

"You too" Nina laughed.

"What's America like? I've never been there?" She asked interested.

Nina shrugged. "It's really not that different from here, I wouldn't say. We have our own little terms like you, our famous monuments. Instead of tea, our big drink is coffee though."

"What kind of terms?"

"Well, you know how you call friends mate here? Guys call each other bro's down in America. It's kind of funny. Just simple stuff like that."

Joy nodded. "That's cool."

"Eh, it's nothing special. But I guess it's all a matter of where you are used to. I mean, Britain sounded so cool to me, but I guess to any of you it's nothing, and America seems cool." Wow. How much more boring could I be? I laughed uncomfortably, and Fabian reached his hand down into mine. That's when Joy saw it.

The End

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