Would you fancy..?

3rd person POV (Ooh, a switch!!)

Nina walked downstairs with Fabian hand in hand to breakfast. Jerome and Mara had been talking a lot more recently, and Mick wasn’t happy. He tends to over-react to most things though. I mean, now that you are a little further into the story let me explain the whole love octagon going on here. First, there is Nina and Fabian. They are official as of about a week ago when they kissed at prom thanks to Amber, but Joy still likes Fabian. Alfie likes Amber, and Amber likes Mick who is dating Mara, who Jerome likes….. Then there is Robbie who likes Patricia and it’s just on big mess.  

The smell of waffles and syrup filled the room as everyone settled down, ready to start yet another week at school.

“NINANINANINANINA!” Amber cried running in and almost falling onto Nina.

“What?” She asked, looking up

“What do you think would look better? Pink or a dark red?” Amber asked, holding up two lipsticks.

Nina sighed. “You look good in anything, Amber.”

“You’re right! “Amber said happily, and applied the red. Fabian nudged Nina and they both laughed. It was funny how it wasn’t awkward between them after they got together. 

“Hey Mara, do you fancy going out to lunch with me this Saturday?” Jerome asked quietly, though still audible. Mick’s eyes flashed at him, and back at Mara. Her face was confused. It was clear that she liked both Jerome and Mick, and didn’t know which one to choose. There was a long pause before Jerome spoke up.

“So, yes or no?”


The End

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