Vroom. Vroom.

In front of my eyes laid Mara, who was passed out on the floor, a gash on her forehead gushing blood. I ran over to her and kneeled by her side. Patricia walked out of the bathroom with a first-aid kit, and called Trudy.

“Why didn’t you answer the door?” I asked.

“Uh, I was in the bathroom?” She replied.

“Right, so what happened?” I was worried.

“I-I don’t know. She came up here to change into something a little more comfortable, saying something about a movie, and then I went into the bathroom, heard a scream, and found her like this!"­­­­­­­­­­

“What’s wrong sweeties?” Trudy asked running into the room, but stopping when she spotted Mara.

“Oh, my, what happened here?”

Jerome and I looked at each other a shrugged.

“Well, go off and do whatever, I will take care of this” She said still in a happy tone. I swear if I ever saw Trudy in a bad mood, I would think I was in the afterlife. Taking one more glance at Mara, I walked out of the room and down the stairs. I hoped she would be okay. Patricia looked up at me.

“Jerome, why have you been acting weird lately?” She asked. Great, not another one.

“I haven’t been acting weird” I replied as confident as it was possible for me to at this time.

“Uhh, yeah you have. I mean, you haven’t cracked a joke since you went to go talk to..Mara” Patricia’s voice got soft as she said talk to Mara. I said the first thing that came to mind, which was a little harsh, even for me.

“Worry about your own problems, and maybe some people would like you.” I sneered, looking at her right in the eyes, and then stormed down the stairs, making a ruckus. I walked into the kitchen to find something to eat, and I found Nina, Fabian, Alfie, and Amber all arguing. Nina and Fabian agreed with each other of course. They were on one side, while Alfie and Amber were on the other, shouting at each other over something I couldn’t even make out. I hated when people faught. It reminded me of when my mom used to yell at me as a child. I mean most of the time she kept her cool, but sometimes she lost her temper.


We were celebrating my 3rd birthday, my dad at work. Today was the day that my mom said that I should stop using sippy cups. She gave me a “big boy cup” and poured some milk in it. Eyeing it closely, I picked it up, and right when I was about to drink it, the milk spilled all over me, and the counter.

“Mummy, I’m sowwy, da milkey spilt” I looked up at her, into her deep blue eyes, people had told me I had the same exact ones.

“Up to your room, now!” She yelled pointing up. When I didn’t respond, she got so close I could count the eyelashes on her eyes.

“I gave you an order, and I expect you to follow it” It was almost a scream whisper.

I pulled away from her face quickly, and ran up to my room, scared. I threw the door open, and hopped onto my bed, that had a car shaped frame. I climbed to the front of it, and pretended to be driving, driving away from this place. “Vroom vroom” I said, imitating the sound of the engine. Vroom vroom.


The End

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