We walk into an area where people dressed in white tatty robes with silver tassels tied around them. They have chains around their hands and feet, they’re pulling carts filled with food, they’re hitting the walls with pick axes and they’re being whipped by other people. The others are also dressed in white robes and have gold tassels tied around their middle. People stop in their tracks and turn to look at me. Silence. The sound of a whip can be heard in the distance.

“Work slaves!” a voice booms around the area. Two people march over to me, I fear them, I step back but I am prodded in the back, and I stand still.

“Arisma who……. Who is this?” one asks on the left.

“Sir, I do not know, she asks so many questions” Arisma, the name of the boy.

“Girl, speak, who are you, what is your purpose”

“Erm……. I’m….. Amy………. I……………….. don’t have a purpose” I say, I could hear my voice shaking.

“What are those clothes you are wearing? Those are not the clothes of our people”

“Erm……………….. these are jeans…….. and this is a coat”  the two guards look at each other.

“Arisma, take the girl to the dungeons, then you will come with us to the Pharoah”

“Yes sir “ Arisma says in front of me, then hits me with the stick sending me forward.

“Erm.. wait.. can I say something?” I say and put my hand up. Something hits the side of my face hard, and I taste blood. “Ow”

“You do not speak!” the guard yells. “Arisma, take her, now!”

“Yes sir” Arisma says again, and shoves me forward.

“Ow!” I yell. A doorway in the right I walk through. I am pushed through again. Cages made out of wood fill the room. Five guards are walking around and two of them approach us. 

“Arisma, what is this you bring?” one asks.

“A girl sir, I found her unconscious in a corridor, I was ordered to bring her here. One is opened to my left.

“Girl, take………. This off” he tugs at my coat.

“Why?” I ask. A hand strikes my face.

“Take it off!” I quickly unzip my coat, take it off and let it fall to the ground. “Get in!” he pushes me in and I fall to the ground.

“She was carrying this sir” Arisma says to the guards. My camera.

“No!” I yell, something is struck over my head making me feel weak. I need to learn not to react quickly and not to speak unless I am spoken to. The door is pushed shut and I am locked in. Arisma and the guards walk out of the area. “Ahhhhhhhh!” I fall to the ground and look up at the ceiling. So far, I know I have fallen down a hole in the ground which looks like to me a different world, and these people, I have no idea who they are, or what there intentions are. I can only wait and find out. 

The End

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