The BeachMature

Under a beach in the North East of England lives a society living in a different world in the past.

Afternoon. The beach. In the freezing cold weather. On an adventurous walk along Noses Point. Quite a famous landmark in the North East of England.  I wonder what I will find here today. Standing on the grass looking over at the beach I feel the cold wind on my face. I pull the mitten part over my gloves to keep my fingers warm. My penguin mittens. 2 pound from Primark. Bargain. I take a deep breath and then walk through the gap in the fence. A long walk down a very steep hill. I’ve done this before many times, I just have to take little small steps or I’ll fall flat on my face. Not something I want to do in this cold weather. Holding my camera bag on my right side I start to walk down. A steep cliff edge on my right and grass to my left.

“Down boy!” I hear a deep voice yell behind me. I hold my arms out to keep myself steady and look behind me to see who the voice belongs to. An old man with a dog, of course, dogs love the beach. I don’t want to lose my concentration; I keep my arms held out and continue to take little steps. Half way down and halfway to go. I look at my watch, 1.30. One hour here, then back home for Indiana Jones, don’t really want to miss it, although I have seen it more than 10 times in my 23 years. I finally reach the bottom and then hear a squelch underneath my right foot. Mud.

“Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww” I say and look at the damage done. Meh, I can wipe it off on the grass later on the way back. But for now, adventure! I look over my left shoulder and see the cream coloured rocks leading to some caves, and then straight ahead up the long beach. Thought to self, if I walk along the cliff wall, I could find some caves and take pictures. Good plan. I take off and head towards the cliff wall. Dogs barking, waves lashing onto the shore and the birds are singing. A perfect day.

The sand crumbles underneath my feet and rocks crunch as I continue to walk along. I look over to the left at the sea. The sun high up in the sky, the lack of clouds and the many seagulls flying around. Shame about the really cold weather. I turn around and see that there is no one on the beach, as I turn back around, I see a hole in the side of the cliff wall. Intrigued, I kneel down and see what is in it. Nothing, just sand and a dark area. There must be more to it, I look around to check that there is no one around and edge in a little closer. I kneel on some of the sand, I put my hand forward. Then I find myself falling in the darkness. I feel my eyes widen in their sockets, my heart jumps to my mouth, my stomach feels like butterflies and I flail my arms and legs around to try and grab something

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”  I scream hoping someone will hear me. I hit my head hard of something, my eyes roll back into their sockets and I find myself going into the dream land.


The End

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