The secret is out

With fifteen minutes to go before Edric arrives, I begin to grow antsy. Constantly pacing or tapping my feet.

"Will you just sit down!" Gemma screams at me after my twelfth time walking around the sitting room.

Reluctantly, I walk over to the two sweater couch and sit. After a minute, I get back up and begin pacing again.

"Kayla!" Gemma warns me, the air around the room stirring with her anger.

"Sorry, I can't." I reply, my hands twitching at my sides as I stand to the side of the two seater couch, staring at the tv opposite me. Where a reporter is talking to me,

"Indeed, free radicals have an impact on all of our lives." I glare at the tv.

A force of air pushes me forward, to the side and then back, causing my legs to buckle with the couch. I collapse onto it, turning to glare at my sister.

After two more minutes of adverts, I begin to tap my foot, the only part of me Gemma's spell allows me to move.

"Can you not sit still for ten minutes?"Gemma asks.

"Why are you watching my foot in the first place?" I retort, continuing to tap my foot.

"I'm not. I can see it in the corner of my eye." She tells me. I give her a death glare.

"Let me up." I say slowly, accenting each word. With narrow eyes, Gemma releases the spell holding me down.

"Goodbye." I say, getting up and walking out the room.

"He won't arrive for another ten minutes." Gemma tells me.

"I know. I'm going to find someone else to irritate." I inform her before leaving the room and headed to the kitchen.

Inside on the table sits Veronica with stationary and a lined notepad in front of her.

"There is no way you got homework already." I say, standing at the side of the table looking over to her.

"It's not. It's a letter for Lucy." She replies, not looking up.

"Lucy," I repeat blankly. Veronica rolls her eyes.

"Fourth year, witch, France, family problems." She says, a slight smile tugging at her lips. Realisation hits me.

"Dead father Lucy? Moved to live with mum?" I verify, receiving a nod. "Tell her I say hi." I add as I walk back out the room, heading up the stairs to see Rose.

In the door directly opposite mine is Rose's room, joined with Veronica's. inside, I can hear the sounds of one of her video games. I enter.

"Hey Rose," I say, heading straight towards her tv and the cabinet under it.

"Hi," she says distractedly, shooting at someone on screen.

"Multiplayer?" I ask, picking up one of the wii controllers.

"Yeah sure, give me a mo." She says as she pauses and saves the game she is on.

Loading a new file, I sit on the bed next to her, controller in hand.

After we have picked our weapons, her a semi automatic pistol, and me a sword, we choose 10 opponents and play.

As the game is loading, I envision the two of us in the game.

The game begins as Rose and I are transported into the game, graphics turning into reality.

Looking around, we are in an abandoned warehouse, standing in the middle of a large room, boxes and crates providing excellent hiding places for our opponents.

Right on cue, I spot a shadow moving. Rose and I stand back to back, weopons held out in front of us.

"one at six" I say, facing a man who's head appeared above the boxes.

In a well practiced move, Rose turns around, gun in hand as I flip the other way, maintaining our back contact.

To my right, four men move out, two holding different guns, the other two holding swords.

"your nine" I say watching the men move.

"your nine" replies Rose. I turn to my left to see another three men all holding swords.

"I'll take three, you take four" I say as I move towards the three men, knowing Rose will have moved to hers.

Two loud bangs and two of the four are down.

The three infront of me split up, the man infront with no teeth showing through his creepy grin raises his sword before moving it in a figure eight, lifting straight up and then out, aiming for my head. I lift my sword up to stop the blow at the same time I kick my foot out, hitting him in the shin.

He falls. I bring the sword down on his head and watch as he vanishes into mist, failed.

The other two men, one with a bright red beard and the other with short blonde hair have positioned themselves to each side of me.

With a co-ordinated move, they both bring their swords towards me, blond to my front, red to my back.

I drop, the swords nearly missing my head. I hit the sword out to the left, chopping red head  who falls then vanishes. Just blonde and me left.

Slashing my sword, I get him across the gut. He falls, joining his red headed counterpart.

"How you holding up?" I call to Rosé as I turn around.

She is cornered by the two with swords, her gun a good ten feet away.

"Could do with a little hand" she says lightly as she ducks down from a punch, swinging a leg out and knocking him down. As Rosé gets back up, the second man punches her in the head.

"Sure? I think you are managing just fine." I say as I head over, wincing at the punch she received.

"Just get your ass over here!" Rose orders, kicking at the first guy.

"A please wouldn't go amiss." I say as I reach them, cutting the second guys arm off, causing him to vanish. "Do you think you can manage this one on your own?" I ask just as Rose lands a kick to the guys gut, he falls, Rose whacks the back of his head, he falls again, this time into unconsciousness.

"Sword." rose says, holding her hand out." I throw it over. She chops the guys head off.

"Now. Where is the last one?" I ask, looking around the room.

"Uh... Kayla?" Rose asks, I spin around at gape.

The last guy has found him self a tank.

"Oy! That is called an unfair advantage!" I complain, looking down at my now useless sword.

"Any ideas?" Rose asks, staring wide eyed at the monstrosity.

"Run?" I ask.

"Run." Rose agrees.

"Run!" We both scream, turning and bolting from the machine.

"That man should be disqualified." I screech as I manoeuvre past boxes and crates which the tank smashes in seconds.

"New game!" Rose screams from three metres to my left.

"Agreed." I say, stopping and closing my eyes, concentrating on my body in Rose's room.

Opening them, we are both back in the room, holding our wii remotes and gasping for air.

"That has to be cheating." Rose informs me, glaring at the tv.

"Well, we did get rid of the other nine quite easy. So it's compensating I suppose." I say, getting up and turning to the door.

"Kayla?" Rose asks, causing me to pause.

"Yeah?" I reply, Turing to face her.

"Don't be nervous, he is supposed to be yours. It will be fine." She says.

"Thanks," I smile, leaving the room and headed to the stairs just as the bell goes.

"I got it." I say as Gemma and Veronica both get up.

Opening the door, Edric is standing, looking as nervous as I feel.

"See you" I call back, leaving the house.

We make the fifteen minute walk to our clearing in complete silence. Both of us too nervous to speak, no idea what to say.

Once in the clearing, I walk up to a tree and jump into it. Edric follows, sitting on the branch in front of me.

"Well." He says.

"Hi," I say quietly.

"What is it?" He asks, typically going straight to the point.

I pause, looking into his eyes, my stomach clenching. If there is one thing on this planet I am scared off, it is his reaction. I don't think I could Bare if he thinks this is all some joke.

"Just come out and say it." He tells me.

"I'm a witch." I say, looking at him.

He Looks back at me, face and eyes expressionless.

"Well, I know you have a temper but I wouldn't say it is that bad." He finally says, looking slightly confused.

"No. I mean I am a witch. With spells and voodoo dolls." I tell him, leaning back from him, scared of his reaction. He raises an eyebrow at me.

"And I'm a wizard." he answers me. I feel my chest tighten. He doesn't believe me.

Instinctivlu, I send a tendril of power into him to listen to his thoughts. I know it is wrong, that I shouldn't invade his personal space like this but my power, unlike my sisters', tends to have a mind of its own and, before I am able to pull it back, I am inside his head.

"she's mad. I should have known she was too good to be true. I'll play along with her. Make her think I believe her and leave her tomorrow. I can't right now. It will be too close to her."

I yank the power out of his mind, my heart slowly and agonizingly splitting Into two. Before I am able to stop myself, a tear slides out of my eye and rolls sadly down my cheek.

"hey! No need to cry!" he says tightly, leaning forward on his branch to comfort me but, knowing his thoughts, I am unwilling to accept his comforts and back off.

"Y-you don't b-believe me!" I sob as more tears fall down my face, an unstoppable force.

He leans back, Unsure on how to comfort me. "Read my mind." He finally decides.

"I just have!" I wail.

He blinks, stunned.

"Fly?" He says without thinking. I grin through the years, a much better idea Forming.

"how about something else?" I ask, an idea forming.

"ok" he quickly agrees.

I concentrate in my pool of magic again, envisioning a destination and willing Edric and I there. Closing my eyes, I tighten my grip on Edric, letting my magic flow through my hand enter joining with him, making the two of us as one with my magic.

"close your eyes." I instruct, feeling the power of the spell increasing. Before I get the chance to check if Edric did so, a yank at my naval distracts me as I concentrate on maintaining the power needed. With a few more yanks, I feel an emptiness fill me as my power rips us from one part of the earth to the other.

A sudden wave of heat encases Edric and I as I open my eyes, looking out at the sands around us.

"where are we?" Edric asks, taking his light blue jumper off to reveal a short sleeved green top underneath.

"turn around" I tell him, doing so as he does.

The three largest pyramids of Egypt sit impressively on the sands.

"ok. Now there isn't a single doubt in my mind you are a witch." Edric tells me, putting his arm over my shoulders. "Nice view," he adds, twirling me round to face him and gazing into my eyes, "but there is a nicer one right in front of me." ad e leans down, his lips pressing against mine.

I push him back, another idea forming in my head. Grinning, I grab his hand and push my magic into him, lifting us up off the ground were I then teleport us to the head of the sphinx.

He looks around at the sands around us, the pyramids now in the distance instead of towering over us.

"beautiful." he says, turning back to me and putting his arms around my waste. "is there anything you can't do?" he then asks, sitting down and pulling me with him.

"bring something back from the dead, travel in time," I say immediately.

"who else is a witch?" he then asks.

"my sisters, mother and those on the council."

"the council?" he says, his brow furrowing.

"a bunch of grown ups who make the rules. We have a meeting every Wednesday. You will be coming to this weeks one. So we can discus the ritual." I inform him, leaning back so my head is on his chest, he begins to play with my hair, gazing out at the scenery.

"we should head back," I say after an hour.

"yeah." Edric sighs, sitting up and grabbing my hands.

I concentrate again on my pool of magic, picturing the dark brown couch in our sitting room.

The magic spreads between the both of us and, before I close my own, I notice Edric has already closed his eyes, I smile before we are transported back.

For one millisecond, we are frozen in mid air before we collapse, agony shooting through our spines as we land on the floor a metro in front of the couch.

"ouch!" Edric complains, falling into his back.

"sorry, long distance teleportation isn't very accurate." I tell him, slowly getting up and noticing Gemma still sitting on the couch, Watching coronation street. Laughing so hard she is almost falling off the seat.

With a grin, I pull some magic and push it out behind Gemma before I push it, causing it to push her forward, landing face first on the ground.

"now how funny is it?" I ask, glaring at the back of her head.

"still hilarious" she grins getting back up. "how you dealing?" she then asks Edric, getting back onto her seat.

"still in the oh my god stage" he answers, carefully getting up.


"you back?"

Two simultaneous voices ask, walking into the room along with Rose and Veronica.

"yup." I answer.

"the four of you." Edric says, looking from one of us to the other.

"yes, didn't Kayla tell you?" Veronica asks, sending a glare my way.

"of course I did!" I tell her offended.

"yeah, she did," Edric says at the same time.

"kids?" asks mum as she walks in, dark brown hair wet from a shower.

"yes?" the five of us say at once.

"Want some apple pie?" She asks is, smiling.

"please mum," Veronica, Gemma, Rose and I say at once.

"yes please Ms Brinalkon,"

"ok" she says cheerfully, walking back out of the room again.

"random." Gemma says turning to watch the tv.

"meh" Veronica adds, taking a seat on the couch.

"I love mums pie!" Rose says happily collapsing on the couch.

"damn it!" Gemma suddenly shouts out.

"what?" Veronica, Rose, Edeic and I say turning to her.

"language" Mums voice calls from the kitchen.

"I missed the fight!" Gemma wails.

I stare blankly at her then turn to the tv where the end credits of Coronation Street are showing.

"what are you?" Rose asks rolling her eyes and taking her phone out of her pocket.

"oh yeah!" Gemma exclaims, clicking her fingers and watching the tv go back to just before the fight, "not one sound." she adds, staring intently at the tv.

The End

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